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Incfile is a middleman between you and your state’s business registration department (which is usually the Secretary of State’s office). You will work directly with Incfile’s intuitive online platform, which will guide you through all the forms that need to be filled out and ensure you complete all necessary requirements. 

At a glance

Incfile.com is an online service provider for entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders. It makes it easier to form a new LLC, corporation (S-corporation or C-corporation), or partnership with an intuitive online platform. It can also help you obtain extras, like doing business as (DBA) names, employer identification numbers (EIN), and more. They also serve charity founders, helping to form new nonprofit entities.

Unlike some competitors, who offer a wide array of business services, Incfile definitely focuses on the core offering of business formation service. This is even referenced in their tagline: “Where Business Begins”. This focus on core offerings allows Incfile to offer extremely competitive pricing. They are the only company to actually offer free business registration services, as their Silver plan costs just $0 + state fees. Various other packages are available, ranging from $149 to $299, with more full-featured offerings.

Incfile does offer a limited selection of ongoing services, as well. They can serve as your Registered Agent, help you file annual reports, help you build a business website, and keep your business compliant with ongoing filing requirements.

Who Incfile is best for

Incfile is best for entrepreneurs who want some assistance forming a new business entity and who would like to do it in a cost-effective manner. Incfile’s formation services can help save founders a lot of time – and money, in the long run – by helping them navigate all the various federal and state requirements for new business entities. 

Incfile is also a good option for nonprofit founders, as it supports the formation of nonprofit corporations. Many Incfile competitors do not offer this option.

Incfile can also be useful on an ongoing basis, although this is not the focus of the service. If you need relatively basic ongoing services, such as Registered Agent and Annual Report filing services, Incfile is a good choice. If you need a full suite of business and legal services, you may wish to look elsewhere. 

Incfile features & services

Incfile has two categories of services: Tools for helping you form a new business and tools for helping you grow and run your business. Here are some of the most notable features and services:

Incfile helps you start your business by…

  • Providing a simple way to form a new business entity online
  • Helping you draft your Articles of Organization and all other required formation documents
  • Providing your choice of limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or nonprofit corporation
  • Navigating complex legal requirements in all US states
  • Helping you find the right company name with an online Business Name Availability Search
  • Providing copies of all key documents
  • Making it easier to apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is necessary for hiring employees
  • Offering full Registered Agent service (required in many states)
  • Helping you obtain business licenses and some permits
  • Providing fast service, with next-business-day processing

Incfile helps you grow your business by…

  • Providing ongoing Registered Agent services, if required
  • Helping with Annual Report filing
  • Providing business contract templates and other useful business resources
  • Providing a free business tax consultation
  • Providing optional features to build a business website, get a business domain name, and a business email address
  • Providing exclusive discounts and special offers from partners
  • Helping to keep you in good standing with state agencies, with ongoing compliance support

Incfile pricing & value

How much does Incfile cost, and is it worth it? Business formation packages cost between $0 and $299, plus state fees. Incfile is the only major provider to offer a free service; their basic Silver package can help you form a new business for free; you just need to pay the state filing fees to your state’s business department. Various other services are also available, priced individually. 

Incfile plan pricing

There are three main corporation and LLC formation services from Incfile. The main differences are processing/shipping speed and available features. Pricing is the same whether you’re forming an LLC or a corporation (although state fees may vary). In addition to Incfile’s own service fees, keep in mind that state fees are always charged separately (see explanation below).

Silver Package – $0 + state fees

  • Standard filing speed
  • Free; just pay state registration fees
  • Preparing & filing of Articles of Incorporation
  • Business name search
  • Lifetime support
  • Business banking account
  • 1 year free Registered Agent service
  • Online access to your documents

Gold Package – $149 + state fees

  • All features of Silver plan
  • Express shipping
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) included
  • Includes Operating Agreement + banking resolution
  • Ongoing compliance with lifetime Company Alerts
  • Free business tax consultation
  • Ongoing access to all your documents via online portal

Platinum Package – $299 + state fees

  • All features of Gold plan
  • Useful templates for your use, like contract templates
  • Expedited filing + fast FedEx shipping
  • A domain name for your business
  • Business email address
  • A full business formation kit

State fees

Whenever you register a new business, you’ll have to pay some registration or filing fees with the state in that you’re forming the new business entity. Whether you use a service like Incfile, or do it all yourself, you’ll still need to pay these fees. In the case of working with Incfile, the company will charge you the state fee, but the full amount is passed on to the relevant state agency. 

The fees that each state charges vary significantly. For example, forming a new LLC will cost around $280 in Washington, $79 in Florida, or $160 in New York. Forming a new corporation will cost around $200 in Washington, $70 in Florida, and $130 in New York. 

When you begin the checkout process, you’ll see the full cost, including a breakdown of the state filing fees. You’ll also see an expected processing speed during checkout. 


Incfile offers a lot of value for anyone starting a new business. The main benefit is that it can save you a lot of time. Incfile’s incorporation services can help simplify a very complex process, helping you complete all the necessary steps more efficiently. It also helps ensure that steps are completed accurately, helping to prevent future issues. 

How does Incfile compare to competitors like LegalZoom, BizFilings, and ZenBusiness? Well, Incfile’s basic plan is an incredible bargain at a whopping $0. Basic packages from competitors tend to fall in the $80-150 range. That said, Incfile’s basic plan is quite basic, so you’ll likely want to select some add-ons or opt for one of the premium packages. 

Incfile customer support

Incfile has customer support agents that are available via phone and email. All of their plans come with lifetime support, even if you don’t select any ongoing services. Many plans also come with Lifetime Company Alerts, a free service that reminds you about upcoming deadlines for state and federal filing. 

Feedback in Incfile customer reviews is somewhat mixed. Many positive reviews detail great experiences with their support team. On the other hand, some people have mentioned difficulty in contacting support over the phone specifically, so email support may be more reliable. Additionally, Incfile has mediocre reviews on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

There are also some specific advisory or consulting services available from Incfile, where you talk directly to support agents. For example, some plans come with a free business tax consultation. Incfile can also help recommend useful products and services to your business should you need help with something that’s outside of their range of services. 

Final thoughts

Incfile has a lot to offer – primarily, it’s famous for its $0 plan, which lets anyone form a new business while paying just state fees (Incfile makes money through partnerships and recommending various services to you, such as business bank accounts). Beyond the free plan, Incfile’s more full-featured packages offer competitive pricing and a wider variety of services.

The Incfile platform has good ease of use, helping to simplify the complex process of registering a new business. Customer service reps are professional but may be a bit slow to reach over the phone. With all that said, it’s worth noting that Incfile has reviews that are mediocre at best; more people seem to have issues with this service compared to competing LLC formation services.