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About CorpNet

CorpNet has been in business since 1997, during which time the company has helped no less than a hundred thousand businesses get through their LLC formation journey. CorpNet manages to stay relevant in a sea of competition by sticking to what works for it, and this has earned it unwavering dedication from its customer base. And, of course, loyalty plays a huge role in enticing new customers to benefit from the perks the old customers are enjoying that make them stay.

But is it really worth it? And what are these perks exactly? We take a further look below.


CorpNet’s pricing packages include:

  • Basic – $108 + State Fee: The basic package is quite similar to the conventional basic plans of most similar companies. It includes: preparation and filing of actual Articles of Organization, name availability check, corporate compliance tool, and 60-day registered agent service trial.
  • Deluxe – $228 + State Fee: The deluxe package includes everything from the basic package and a 1-year registered agent service; federal tax ID number (EIN), 24-hour document preparation for state compliance, and hard copy delivery of your important documents.
  • Complete – $278 + State Fees: The complete package includes everything from the deluxe package and both an LLC operating agreement and an LLC kit and Seal. The importance of the operating agreement is to outline your company structure and operation guides, while the LLC kits and seal is just decorative embellishment to help your company appear more professional.

Our Recommendation

First of all, it is obvious that the complete package consists of only a couple of unnecessary features, present for aesthetics alone, which leaves us with the two lower packages as the most efficient.

Our recommendation, consequently, is simple: make use of the basic package if you’re comfortable with filing your own documents and applying for a tax ID number. Otherwise, go with the deluxe package if you can afford to have any of these done for you.

CorpNet Benefits

1. Guarantee – CorpNet is so confident in its operations that it offers a 100% package guarantee to customers. This means that should a customer be unsatisfied for any reason, they have a right to an immediate refund, minus the state fee.

2. Experience – With more and more LLC formation companies coming out in the past decade, it is always refreshing to see companies established in the last century holding their own among the new and hungry young boys.

3. Questionnaire – CorpNet also has a questionnaire feature that helps you make the right decision for your business based on your input.

4. Registered Agent Service – Where some companies offer Registered Agent Service at a very high price, within the premium package, or not at all, CorpNet offers free Registered Agent Service with even the most basic package.

5. Speed – Another area where CorpNet excels is in speed. With the higher-level packages, you get a 24-hour document presentation time, which is lightning-fast by any standard. The company can also compel states to expedite processing for a fee.


On the review aggregator website, TrustPilot, CorpNet holds an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars review from 401 verified users. This is just mind-blowing.

95% of these reviews are also complete with 5 stars. We highlight some of them below:

Impeccable service the Max!

We’re extremely satisfied with your hard work and dedication to the point that we want you to personally handle our account! You relentlessly supervised the research required to get us back on track. From the beginning to end you kept the pace and hold every step of the way. Because of your expertise, professionalism, and commitment to our business success, we’re able to walk into the new year focused on our goals. We are so appreciative of your efforts and dedication to our cause. Thank you again for your passion and for all that you do!

I am giving five star rating because how quickly management acted to resolve an issue.

Great job, excellent delivery of what they promised.

CorpNet is the best.They filed all the paperwork in a timely manner and had people readily available to answer any questions. Their follow up was also a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend them.

Other Features

Here are a few other amazing features that may make CorpNet the option you may be looking for.

1. Ease-of-Use – CorpNet’s interface and dashboard are very convenient and easy to navigate. The website also contains various helpful materials to make the user experience a lot smoother than most.

2. Reputation – Like most old LLC formation companies, CorpNet commands reverence thanks to its age and reputation. It is rare for such old companies to have very little blemish, and CorpNet is one of these rarities.


If you’re looking for a company that is old, established, reputable, and has an unbelievable amount of positive reviews, then going with CorpNet is most definitely a no-brainer. What’s even more amazing is that the company has amazing lower-level packages, with pricing that is not too above the general average.