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Incorporate, formerly known as The Company Corporation, is an LLC formation company with a lot of experience under its belt. The company began business way back in 1899 and has since helped over 750,000 companies with their LLC incorporation. It is also a testament to the company’s expertise and efficiency that they’ve managed to stay relevant for so long.

Formation Process

Incorporate’s formation process include:

  1. Decision – First, you obviously have to make the decision to incorporate your business or register as an LLC, and get familiar with all the forms, and terms.
  2. Structure – Then you can choose a particular structure that suits your company best. You can choose to go for a C Corp, S Corp, or an LLC, all with their own various perks and requirements.
  3. Choose a State – you then get to decide which state you would like to register your company in. The various States have their own fees and guidelines.
  4. Choose a Package – Incorporate has different pricing packages which we discuss further in the next section.
  5. Place Your Order – You then proceed to place your order on the Incorporate website or by phone, and the company takes care of the rest for you.


Incorporate has three pricing packages, all with added functionalities. We break each package down below:

1. Starter Package – $99 – The starter package is comprehensive enough to give you the basic satisfaction of having completed your LLC formation and registration.

  • Among the features available in this package is the preparation of filing of Articles of Organization, which will be done for you by the company; name availability check, to ensure that your desired name is still available for use; access to company portal, where you can easily store and access all your important documents.

2. Essentials Package – $249 – The second package is the essentials package which cost $249and includes all the features available in the starter package, plus:

  • a federal tax ID number (EIN), which is an identification number for your business with which you pay taxes, hire employees, and much more.
  • an LLC Kit and Seal – with your company name on it.

3. Works Package – $349 – The works package is the final available package which includes all features in both starter and essentials package, plus:

  • Business License Research – which is a prerogative you get where the company helps identify your licensing requirements and provides you with the necessary resources to obtain them.
  • Operating Agreement – a document that formulates your company’s structure and organization.

Our Recommendation

The packages are structured in a way as to meet your budget convenience with the most optimal satisfaction possible. All upgrades are clear enough to make it easier to judge how essential they are with respect to your budget.

That said, the essentials package is indeed the most popular, and it is what we recommend for those who can afford it.

Note that all packages are collated without the additional state fee.

Incorporate Benefits

  1. Experience and Longevity – it is a no-brainer that a company that has been in existence for more than 100 years is sure to have picked up a thing or two in customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  2. Guarantee – Incorporate prides itself on being highly meticulous and making no mistakes. This, in turn, gives them the luxury of being able to provide a compliance guarantee against defects.
  3. Learning Center – Incorporate provides a comprehensive learning center where you can easily get access to guides and articles on topics you’ll find invaluable on your entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Value – While their pricing isn’t the most reasonable out there by a long shot, given the overall efficiency and guarantee, we think it’s safe to say that Incorporate offers good value for money.


1. Pricing

One of the few aspects where we felt Incorporate could have done better is the pricing. Sure, they do offer quality services, but similar competitors like [Zen Business] and [ActiveFilings] all offer better prices.

2. Upselling

While we understand that not all businesses can adopt the model of [BetterLegal], which operates a one-shot, straight-forward-pricing model, we nonetheless feel that Incorporate could cut down on its pricing by reducing the amount of upselling involved.

3. Registered Agent Service

Again it is understandable that not all LLC formation companies offer Registered Agent Service, but more and more are beginning to, and as such it has become a slight shortcoming for companies who don’t.

Other Features

Among some of the other general features available on Incorporate is easy accessibility to their customer service unit, a highly detailed website full of helpful texts without appearing bloated, and a comprehensive guarantee with a possible $75,000 settlement on failure to deal with filing defect issues.


Incorporate offers amazing service with a remarkable guarantee. With the company, you’re assured expertise, experience, efficiency, and peace of mind. But you can also get a lot of what they offer from other similar companies such as ZenBusiness, BizFilings, and ActiveFilings. So it all depends on what you want in the end, guarantee or just execution of your basic needs.