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Active Filings provides LLC Formation services for as low as $25. Our Active Filings review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision.

Quick Summary

Looking for the best way to set up your new LLC company? We currently recommend either ZenBusiness ($49) or Bizee ($0+). These two services were the top-rated in our best LLC services reviews.

For the best overall value, ZenBusiness is our recommended LLC formation service. Great price of $49 (plus state fees) and everything you need to start your business.

For the cheapest LLC formation service and great customer support. You can get your LLC formed for free (plus state fees).

Get your LLC formed the right one and click below to find out more details to compare ZenBusiness vs Bizee.

About Active Filings

Active Filings offers ridiculously cheap pricing for a fantastic job done. Their services are rendered very quickly, their customer service is among the best in the business, they have a full 19-year experience and more than a hundred thousand customers.

The company handles all sorts of LLC formation and business registration, including “C” corporations, “S” corporations, Non-profits, and even incorporation plans for noncitizens.

There is also an option for Registered Agent Service, and a host of benefits after registration is completed.


Active Filings offers some free services and a three-part pricing package. The details and features available in all pricing tiers are listed below:

Free Services

Among the services available for free on Active Filings include free business checklists, free electronic delivery, free action of the incorporator, free corporate documents, and free lifetime customer support.

1. The Starter $25

This package offers the basic essentials of LLC formation and would be suitable for small business owners looking to get things over with as fast, and smoothly, as possible.

It includes name availability check, actual incorporation service, Registered Agent Service, Operating Agreement, and so on. What it doesn’t, include, however, are membership certificates, and a few other perks we’ll point out below under the other two superior packages.

2. The Sprinter $125

The sprinter is Active Filings’ second package, with a significant price jump. What guarantees the additional $100, you ask?

Well, the sprinter package contains all the benefits of the starter package, including incorporation service, Registered Agent Service, and so on. But it also takes it further by giving you access to membership certificates, Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), and expedited service.

3. The Finisher $275

The final package is the finisher package, which has in it all the perks of both the starter and the sprinter, with an additional corporate seal, corporate book, and expedited service.

This package is obviously for serious businesses, and may not be suitable for small budget business owners.

Additionally, there is an S corporation election fee of $100 that can be added to any of the packages.

Our Recommendation

As mentioned above if you are a big company or a corporation, going for the finisher package is obviously the best option.

Small businesses looking to get things done quickly should go for the sprinter package if they can afford it, and the starter package if they can’t. The perks of a federal tax ID number and a membership certificate are great and should be a worthy incentive to go for the sprinter where possible.


  • Pricing – Active Filings’ starter package is without a doubt one of the most reasonable we’ve come across all through our review of LLC formation companies. The price is not only highly affordable but also covers the basics needed for most businesses. For comparison, [LegalZoom] charges 20 times for the same service.
  • Experience – The company claims to be the third oldest incorporating service in the United States, having 19-years of experience under their belt. Pretty impressive. No doubt they know what they’re doing.
  • Range – Active Filings is available not only in all fifty states but also in Washington DC and in Puerto Rico. And not only for United States citizen alone but also for international citizens hoping to do business in the US
  • Help Center – The website contains an in-depth help center with important guides and articles to make your decision easier.


Active Filings is reasonably reviewed on all major review platforms. On BBB, it has an A+ rating and on its Facebook page, it has a 9.4/10 rating.

Here are some of the things its customers had to say:

Thanks for doing such a good job! Your company was fast, efficient and you over all did an excellent job. I couldn’t have asked for more! Furthermore, when I called to ask questions, your customer service reps where friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much for your help!

George A.

Thanks for a seamless process. I respect the thoroughness and price competitiveness your company shows. Each step of my incorporation process was as smooth and pleasant as I imagine it to be. Thanks a bunch.

Tony Peng

I would like to thank you for the great service you and your team provided towards the incorporation of our company. We just received the documents in the mail. The entire process was fast, efficient, and flawless. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Alexander Artau, Puerto Rico Craft Brewing Corp

Other Features

  1. Customer Service – Like most decent companies in the industry, Active Filings provides competent customer support that can be reached by phone, online chat, or via email. The customer service is available from 9 – 5 every weekday.
  2. Ease of Use – No one wants to use a bloated interface with complicated features, and Active Filings definitely recognizes this fact and prides itself on its remarkable ease of use, both in navigating the website and also in understanding and making full use of all its features.
  3. Registered Agents – Not all LLC formation companies provide Registered Agent Service to their clients. And those who do, do it at a charge. Active Filings offers Registered Agent Service free of charge for the first year, and then at $99 a year subsequently, with no extra fee for cancellation.


Thanks to their super affordable Starter package, ease of use, experience, and numerous other benefits, Active Filings stands out as one of the better companies in its industry.