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Last updated: March 13th, 2024
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ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings are two popular LLC formation services. In this article, you can learn all about these two companies and the key differences that set them apart.

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If you’re looking to start a new LLC or corporation, there are many important steps you must take. Ensuring that your business is formed accurately is very important – but the process can feel complex. Fortunately, there are a variety of online business formation services that can help make the process easier.

ZenBusiness vs Swyft Filings: Quick look

These two online LLC formation services are both similar in that they are essentially middlemen between you and your state’s business department (usually the Secretary of State). You work with ZenBusiness or Swyft Filings to meet all incorporation requirements, and they work with the state to ensure everything is handled for you.

Similarities between ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings

  • Both offer a simpler way to start a new company
  • Both use a 100% online process, eliminating the need to manually fill out paper forms
  • Both can help you form a new LLC or corporation
  • Both can serve as your Registered Agent
  • Both can help you draft all necessary documentation in order to form your business
  • Both can help with ongoing services, including annual report filing to keep your company in good standing
  • Both can help you obtain extras, like doing business as (DBA) names, employer identification numbers (EIN), and more
  • Both offer a business name availability check to help you find a company name
  • Both have a variety of extra features, such as a domain name, business website, etc.
  • Both have several formation packages to choose from, at various price-points
  • Both have excellent reputations and customer reviews

Differences between ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings

  • Swyft Filings can also help form new nonprofit corporations; ZenBusiness cannot
  • ZenBusiness is a subscription-based service; Swyft Filings is a one-time-fee service, with the option to add on ongoing services
  • Swyft Filings has a personalized customer support system that pairs you with an agent; ZenBusiness has more traditional support
  • ZenBusiness includes Registered Agent in their plans; Swyft sells it as an add-on

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ZenBusiness basics

ZenBusiness is a subscription-based online business services provider. It’s a relatively newer company, founded in 2015 with a mission to make forming new businesses easier for entrepreneurs. With ZenBusiness, you can form a new:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Corporation (S-corp or C-corp)

ZenBusiness is compatible with rules in all US states. They can help with all the necessary tasks required to form a new company. They can also serve as your Registered Agent, help with building a business website, and much more.

While newer than many competitors, ZenBusiness has built an excellent reputation. They have stellar ratings on TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and others, and thousands of entrepreneurs have had a great experience with their services. At first glance, ZenBusiness appears more expensive than competitors like Swyft Filings, but ZenBusiness offers excellent value on an ongoing basis, for companies of all shapes and sizes.

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Swyft Filings basics

Swyft Filings is a popular business formation service that was founded in 2012. They have helped form tens of thousands of new businesses over the years. With Swyft Filings, you can start a new:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation (C-corp by default; S-corporation election available)
  • Nonprofit corporation (including application for 501 (c)(3) status, if desired)

Swyft is compatible with regulations in all US states. In addition to helping with business formation basics, they also provide services like Registered Agent, franchise tax report filing, annual report filing, and more.

Swyft Filings is known primarily for low prices and great customer service. They have plans from just $49 – one of the cheapest options in the industry. They employ a personalized customer support strategy that pairs you up with a Business Specialist to help you through the process.

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ZenBusiness vs Swyft Filings: Pricing

Starting a new business can cost several hundred dollars. These two services differ in pricing, so it’s wise to compare the different plans before choosing the right fit for you. Both offer a variety of LLC formation packages, ranging from $49 to $349.

ZenBusiness pricing

  • Starter Package – $129/year + state fees – The Starter Package covers basic business formation features, with standard filing speed. It’s an ongoing subscription service, which includes free Registered Agent services.
  • Pro Package – $249/year + state fees – The Pro Package covers everything in the Starter plan, and adds an EIN federal tax ID number, expedited filing, banking resolution, corporate bylaws, and a variety of contract and business document templates.
  • Premium Package – $349/year + state fees – The Premium plan covers everything in previous plans, and adds a free domain name, email address, business website, and rush filing speed.

Swyft Filings pricing

  • Basic Package – $49 + state fees – The Basics Package covers all the standard features that you’ll need to form a business, with standard filing speed. It includes some bonuses, like a business tax consultation, business domain name, and more.
  • Standard Package – $149 + state fees – The Standard Package covers everything in the base plan, and adds extras like an employer identification number (EIN), banking resolution, and LLC operating agreement.
  • Premium Package – $299 + state fees – The Premium Package covers everything in the previous plans, and adds express shipping and expedited filing. It also covers electronic delivery of your documents, a business website with hosting, a custom digital LLC kit, and more.

The biggest difference between these two companies is that ZenBusiness is a subscription service, and Swyft Filings is a flat-fee service. All of ZenBusiness’ plans are ongoing subscriptions, whereas Swyft Filings gives you the choice of a flat fee or a subscription model.

To be clear, ZenBusiness is still a great value, particularly for those who want ongoing Registered Agent services. Swyft Filings charges $149/year for their Registered Agent service, while ZenBusiness includes it in all plans.

You will notice that both services charge state filing fees separately. This is standard in the industry. These fees go directly to state agencies, and will vary by state and business structure.

Overall, pricing for both services is competitive with similar service providers, such as Bizee, LegalZoom, Northwest Registered Agent, and other incorporation services. These two services are among the best LLC services overall, when considering their reputation, combined with very fair pricing.

ZenBusiness vs Swyft Filings: Features

When starting your own business, you’ll likely need help in a variety of areas. How do these two services stack up in terms of features and services for small business owners?

For business formation services, the two offer relatively similar lineups of included services and upsells. Both can help form LLCs or corporations, and handle a variety of extras such as EIN applications, DBA names, annual reports, Registered Agent services, and more. One substantial difference here is that Swyft supports nonprofit formation, while ZenBusiness does not.

Processing time is similar between the two companies. Both can help with all the document filing needed for forming an LLC or corporation, and the whole formation process can be handled online. Depending on the package you choose, turnaround time for a new business entity can be as little as a few business days.

The focus of both of these companies is on initial business formation. That said, they do offer a few extras, such as business websites, domains, etc. Swyft also offers a business tax consultation, and can point you in the right direction for tax and legal advice.

Swyft Filings vs ZenBusiness: Customer service

Both of these services are known for good customer support. They stand behind their products, providing lifetime customer support for all customers.

  • Swyft Filings customer support is available via phone and email. Support agents can be reached Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm Central time.
  • ZenBusiness customer support is available via phone, email, and online chat. Representatives can be reached Monday through Friday from 8am – 8pm Central time, and Sunday from 10am – 7pm Central time.

The main difference here is in the overall approach to customer support. Swyft pairs you with your own personal service representative when you sign up for the program. This allows you to build a relationship over time. ZenBusiness has good support, too, but they use a more traditional model where you call in and are assisted by whichever agent is available.

If you read customer reviews on Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and others, you will find that both of these services have great customer feedback overall. Most customers report positive experiences with customer support, as well as these services as a whole.

Which should you choose?

We’ve gone through all the finer details of these services, but what’s the bottom line? Which of these services makes the most sense for your situation?

Choose ZenBusiness if…

  • You plan to keep ongoing services. ZenBusiness is a subscription model, and includes valuable ongoing services.
  • You need Registered Agent services. ZenBusiness includes this in all plans, while Swyft charges extra for it.

Choose Swyft Filings if…

  • You want to save money, and don’t need Registered Agent services. Swyft Filings offers the best value if you don’t plan to use a service as your Registered Agent.
  • You want to form a nonprofit. Swyft supports nonprofit corporation formation, while ZenBusiness does not.
  • You want personalized support. Swyft pairs you with your own dedicated customer support rep.
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