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Last updated: March 13th, 2024
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If you’ve decided to start a new company, one of the first (and most important) steps you’ll need to take is registering your new business with your state. This process is usually handled by the Secretary of State department, and requirements vary in each state. Fortunately, services like Bizee and Swyft Filings help make the business formation process much simpler.

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In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Bizee vs Swyft Filings, to help you choose which company makes sense for your situation, goals, and budget.

Bizee vs Swyft Filings: Quick look

Both of these companies essentially serve as middlemen between you and your state’s registration agency. Here’s a quick glance at the similarities and differences between Swyft Filings and Bizee.

Similarities between Bizee and Swyft Filings

  • Both make it easy to start a new business online
  • Both can help you form a new business in any US state
  • Both help you draft and file your articles of organization or articles of incorporation, and all other necessary documents
  • Both can serve as your Registered Agent, if desired
  • Both offer choice of LLC, corporation (S-corp or C-corp), or nonprofit
  • Both can help with extras, like obtaining employer identification numbers (EIN), doing business as names (DBA), etc.
  • Both can help with annual report filing and other ongoing compliance
  • Both have a business name availability check to help you find a company name
  • Both have a variety of packages to choose from at different price-points
  • Both offer various extras, like a business website, domain name, and more

Differences between Bizee and Swyft Filings

  • Bizee supports the formation of partnerships; Swyft does not.
  • Bizee’s plans start at $0 + state fees; Swyft starts at $49 + state fees
  • Swyft can help you obtain specialized business licenses and permits; Bizee focuses on the basics
  • Swyft assigns you a personal Business Specialist to help with any issues; Bizee has a more traditional customer service setup
  • Bizee includes the first year of Registered Agent services for free; Swyft does not

Bizee basics

Bizee tagline is “Where Business Begins”, which accurately describes this company. Since its founding in 2004, Bizee has helped more than 250,000 new businesses get started. With the service, you can form a new:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation (C-corp by default; S-corp election available
  • Partnership (LLP or LP)
  • Nonprofit corporation

Bizee is compatible with rules in each state in the United States. They work with government agencies, helping entrepreneurs satisfy all the necessary steps to forming a new business entity.

Bizee also offers a limited variety of ongoing services, but their focus is certainly on the initial formation process.

Bizee is best known for its no-cost “Silver Package”, which is priced at $0 + state fees. With it, you get basic business formation features, and you only pay for the mandatory state filing fee

Swyft Filings basics

Swyft Filings is a relatively newer company, founded in 2012. They have helped tens of thousands of businesses – as well as nonprofits – get started. With Swyft, you can form a:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation (C-corp by default; S-corporation election available
  • Nonprofit corporation with  application for 501 (c)(3) status

Swyft works with Secretary of State departments in each US state, to help entrepreneurs get registered quickly and accurately. They also offer a variety of ongoing services, including Registered Agent, annual report and franchise tax reports, and more.

Swyft is known for two things: Low prices, and great customer support. Their plans start from just $49, which is one of the lowest rates in the industry (apart from Bizee’s $0 plan). And, every customer that signs up is paired with a personal Business Specialist customer support agent, who can help answer any questions and resolve issues.  

Bizee vs Swyft Filings: Pricing

At a glance, pricing between these two incorporation services is relatively similar. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at LLC formation packages to see where the differences are.

Bizee pricing

  • Silver Package – $0 + state fees – This plan offers standard formation features and standard filing speed. It also includes 1 full year of free Registered Agent services, and a business bank account. Renewal cost is $119/year, unless cancelled.
  • Gold Package – $149 + state fees – This plan offers everything in the Silver plan, plus extra features, like a banking resolution, EIN, and operating agreement, as well as express shipping.
  • Platinum Package – $299 + state fees – This plan offers everything in the previous plans, plus additional templates, a business email and domain name, and expedited shipping/filing.

Swyft Filings pricing

  • Basic Package – $49 + state fees – This plan offers standard filing speed and standard formation features, plus a free domain name, free business tax consultation with an accounting professional, and more.
  • Standard Package – $149 + state fees – This plan has all the features of the basic plan, plus a federal tax ID (EIN), LLC operating agreement, and banking resolution.
  • Premium Package – $299 + state fees – This plan offers everything in the previous plans, plus express filing, express shipping, electronic delivery of documents, free business website and web hosting, and a custom digital LLC kit/digital corporate kit.

At first glance, the features and pricing between these two providers are remarkably similar. However, there’s a key difference to understand – Bizee includes one year of Registered Agent services in all their plans, while Swyft Filings charges extra for this service ($149/year). If you plan to use the service as a registered agent, Bizee is likely the better value.

If you plan to be your own Registered Agent, Swyft Filings LLC service may offer a better value, as it includes some bonus features even in its basic plan. Overall, though, pricing is very similar between Swyft and Bizee. Turnaround time is also similar – though it depends on the package you choose and the state you are filing in. 

To be clear: both of these business formation services offer excellent value. Compared to competing LLC formation services, like ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, LegalZoom, etc., both Swyft and Bizee are generally cheaper. That said, if you’re looking for a broader range of legal services, legal advice, etc., something like LegalZoom may be a better choice. 

Bizee vs Swyft Filings: Features

The features of Bizee and Swyft Filings are similar. Both offer good ease of use and everything you need to get a business formed with your state. Of course, the distribution of features between the different plans does differ between the two providers.

In addition to all the standard features, both companies can help you obtain an EIN, help with DBA names, choose taxation status (S-corp status, 501 (c)(3) status, etc), and more. 

Swyft does offer a few more special features that Bizee does not. For example, Swyft can help with obtaining sales tax licenses, reseller permits, and other specialty business licenses. Swyft also has a complimentary service called ComplianceGuard company alerts, which helps keep you on top of important filing due dates for important documents, to keep your company in good standing. 

Some additional services and add-ons are available from each of these service providers, and for each service costs vary. It’s useful for business owners to compare features and pricing side by side. 

Bizee vs Swyft Filings: Customer service

Both of these companies offer lifetime customer support to small businesses that use their services, even if you don’t keep their services long-term. That said, the approach to customer service is somewhat different.

  • Bizee customer support agents are available via phone and email. Representatives can be reached Monday – Friday from 9 am to 6 pm CST
  • Swyft Filings customer support agents are available via phone, live chat, and email. Live reps are available Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm EST.

 The biggest difference here is that Swyft assigns you a personal service representative when you sign up. This allows you to build a relationship with your personal advisor over time, and get personalized service. Bizee uses a more standard customer service support team model. 

If you look at customer reviews on TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc., you’ll see that Swyft Filings has a much better track record overall. More people have positive experiences with Swyft than with Bizee – and customer support has a lot to do with that difference. 

Which should you choose? 

We’ve gone over the finer details of these two services, but what’s the bottom line? To be clear, both of these are among the best LLC services around – but which should you choose?

Choose Bizee if…

    • You want the lowest possible cost plan. Bizee’s $0 + state fee plan is unrivaled.

    • You plan to use Registered Agent services. Bizee includes 1 year for free in all plans.

    • You want to form a partnership. Bizee allows LLPs and LPs, but Swyft does not.

Choose Swyft Filings if…

    • You want to work with a company with a great reputation. Swyft Filings customer feedback is far better than Bizee’s.

    • You want a personal customer support agent. Swyft assigns you your own persona guide when you sign up.

    • You plan to be your own Registered Agent. Swyft is a better value if you plan to be your own agent; otherwise, Bizee may win out.

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