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We’ll go over all the important features of Bizee in this comprehensive review, including its user-friendly platform, services offered, pricing transparency, customer service, and more. You can decide if Bizee is the best partner for your business formation service needs, whether you’re new to the idea or an experienced small business owner.

What is Bizee?

The goal of Bizee, originally known as IncFile, is to give people and potential business owners a simple way to deal with the complexities involved in starting and incorporating their companies. Bizee aims to demystify the frequently scary and difficult process of business creation, making it approachable for a variety of customers, from seasoned professionals looking for a hassle-free solution to those just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship and unsure what comes next.

Bizee offers services related to every facet of business formation to assist this variety of users. This can include creating an LLC, filing for an EIN, using registered agent services, creating yearly reports, submitting taxes for businesses, and more. All of this is accomplished on an intuitive platform that enables even the least experienced individual to launch a business. 

Entrepreneurs can purchase specific services from Bizee or select from their Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages to work with them. With the exception of state filing fees, the most basic packages are free. The higher tiers contain a wide range of services and continuous maintenance for the duration of a business. Bizee is an excellent resource for navigating the process of forming a business since they exclusively work with experts in the incorporation sector. As such, they are the experts in every aspect of this procedure. 

What are the pros of Bizee?

Bizee’s advantages have led to its acceptance across a range of sectors and environments. Among Bizee’s most notable features are the following:

  • Low cost: Bizee does not charge a cost for basic services like LLC formation; entrepreneurs simply have to pay any applicable state fees. While there are fees for various services, Bizee is usually affordable when compared to its rivals.
  • Service offering: Bizee offers a wide range of services on a single platform since it wants to serve as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Their platform offers all the necessities for a business, making it simple to do all the required chores without having to look for different service providers.
  • Ease of use: Even individuals with limited technical knowledge may easily navigate and utilize the Bizee platform.
  • Excellent support: Customers that use Bizee are generally happy with the customer service, which is accessible to all users by phone, email, and online chat. Additionally, there is a comprehensive online learning center available for free that any business owner can use.
  • Industry knowledge: Bizee was able to build a solid reputation as IncFile and has partnered with numerous other companies. This means that they are able to provide integration and competitive pricing on items such as domain names, websites, and business bank accounts.

What are the cons of Bizee?

Although Bizee offers several advantages, it also has a number of drawbacks. Among the frequent complaints are:

  • Simple services over complex: Bizee offers all the essentials, but huge, complicated corporate structures that require unique services may find it difficult to work with.
  • Recurring charges: You should be aware of what is being charged to you and when, as some of the extra services that Bizee provides are based on a subscription model and automatically renew.
  • Tax services: Bizee provides basic business tax consultation services, which might not be appropriate in complex tax situations due to their simplicity. Certain firms will require outside assistance with filing.

What does Bizee offer?

The majority of Bizee clients use them as part of a formation package prior to starting their own businesses. Depending on the kind of business that is being formed, Bizee can offer different services. These can include LLCs, S companies, C corporations, and nonprofit organizations in any state in the union. 

Services for new businesses 

Apart from completing the required formation documents, like Articles of Organization, Bizee can handle every facet of starting a business. This includes getting EINs and other tax IDs, drafting operational contracts, acting as a registered agent, offering tax and license advice, searching for and reserving business names, and more. Additionally, Bizee offers assistance with administrative work, website development, domain registration, business email, and other services.

Services for existing businesses 

Whether a business is founded using Bizee or not, the company can assist with business maintenance. In addition to offering registered agent services, they also offer tax filing advice for businesses. Bizee can submit business modifications to the state and provides continuous support for annual reports. 

The lifetime company alerts that come with a Bizee bundle are another continuous benefit. They will notify you when anything is required, such as yearly reports or business license renewals, for the duration of your company. 

Services offered separately 

Bizee offers a variety of stand-alone services that are available for purchase in addition to their packages. This covers actions such as registering a trademark, dissolving or reestablishing a company, and seeking advice from financial and accounting experts. Obtaining a Doing Business As (DBA), a Certificate of Good Standing, or renaming a corporation are among their legal services. 

How much does Bizee cost?

Bizee’s services are offered in tiers, with some options available on an add-on basis. A user can register for any one of the three main levels: silver, gold, or platinum. 

Silver – $0

The Bizee offering that is free in terms of formation is known as the silver package. Bizee does not take any payment; users are still responsible for paying any state filing fees, which can vary from $40 to $500 for your LLC. Together with company name searches, phone and email support, preparation and filing of required paperwork, and a year of free registered agent service, this package has it all.

Gold – $199

The gold package comes with everything in the silver package plus extra services, in addition to any state filing fees. These services will include completing IRS Form 2553, obtaining an EIN, drafting an operating agreement and other required paperwork, advising businesses on banking and tax matters, and more. Additionally, gold-level users will get online access to a dashboard that makes it simple for them to manage their accounts from a mobile device.

Platinum – $299

The platinum package is the most expensive option offered by Bizee, costing $299 in addition to any applicable state taxes. Platinum members will now receive free next-day filing, a domain name, business email, and access to business contract templates in addition to all the perks offered to gold members.

Stand-alone pricing

Users can pay for one-time services without a subscription or bundle in addition to these packages. Customers are liable for any relevant state and federal fees related to a service in addition to the quoted price.

Pricing for some services is as follows:

  • Annual or periodic reports: $99
  • Amendments: $99
  • DBA/fictitious name filing: $149
  • Tax election: $50

Remember that certain services, such as obtaining an EIN, are free on their own but can be purchased through Bizee. For instance, obtaining an EIN through the IRS is free, but using Bizee would cost you $70.

It can be more economical to get a gold or platinum package if you require several services, so be sure to check out all of your demands before making any individual purchases.

Is Bizee’s customer service good?

In contrast to many competitors, Bizee provides unrestricted phone and email assistance to all users along with an online chat feature. This customer service is offered for the duration of your company, even if you are no longer a member. Customers can easily use the platform to contact customer care via their account if they are gold or platinum members with dashboard access. Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. central time, agents are accessible. The chat tool is also watched over after hours. 

Though calling them is frequently the easiest way to get through, customers report receiving good service and prompt responses from most channels. The fact that the individuals you get in touch with are experts in the incorporation procedure rather than salespeople is one of the main advantages of their customer service. It is mandatory for all members of their customer support team to possess a minimum of five years of experience in incorporating new enterprises in different states. 

Bizee provides a variety of advising and consultancy services for areas like taxes in addition to basic support. To meet a whole variety of company demands, these can both direct users to relevant services or assist them in completing specific activities. 

Is Bizee worth it?

For business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who do not wish to handle the procedure alone, Bizee provides a variety of services that when combined provide a helpful alternative. While many of the tasks in their packages could be completed for free, many people benefit from the ease and security of having everything on one platform. Although Bizee’s packages are reasonably priced, the option for a free package is a terrific method for business owners to test the service without having to make an investment.

Bizee is an excellent choice for anyone who feels overburdened by beginning a business or lacks the time to handle the related tasks. Offering both free and reasonably priced filing services, Bizee demonstrates both industry understanding and client pleasure. For huge and complex corporate operations, or for those who are willing to perform some job independently, it probably isn’t the ideal option.

In general, Bizee’s offerings are extensive and easy to use, and the majority of new business owners would find them useful. Their packages may be the best option for you if you prefer simplicity and ease of use over a small increase in price and want assurance that you have met all standards.


How much does Bizee cost?

Bizee offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. Their basic LLC formation services package starts at $49, and their most comprehensive package includes all of their services for $299. They also offer a variety of services outside of these packages, with prices varying based on what you need done.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a service that accepts legal documents on your behalf. This is important because your LLC is required to have a registered agent in the state where it is formed. Bizee can act as your registered agent for a fee if you do not want to do it yourself.

Is Bizee right for me?

Bizee is a good option for entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses quickly and easily. They are a good choice if you are forming an LLC, don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on forming your business , or want to take advantage of their registered agent services and other compliance services

How long does it take to form an LLC with Bizee?

The processing time for LLC formation varies by state, but it typically takes 7-10 business days. Bizee can expedite your filing for an additional fee.

Is Bizee available outside the United States?

No, Bizee is only available in the United States. However, they can help you form an LLC in any state.

What happens if my LLC formation is rejected?

If your LLC formation is rejected, Bizee will work with you to correct the error and resubmit your filing. There is no additional fee for resubmissions.

Can I cancel my Bizee order?

Yes, you can cancel your Bizee order within 24 hours of placing it for a full refund. After 24 hours, you will be charged a processing fee.