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If you’re starting a new company, one of the first steps you must take is to get your business registered with the appropriate state agency. State rules vary drastically, and the process can be relatively simple or incredibly complex, depending on where you live. Fortunately, a variety of online services help simplify the process by acting as middle-men between you and the state agency. MyCorporation is one of these services.

MyCorporation review: At a glance

MyCorporation is an online business formation service. It helps you form a new company or nonprofit entity and works with the relevant state agencies to satisfy all legal requirements.

With MyCorporation, you can form a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or nonprofit entity. You can also choose from different subcategories, forming, for example, S-corporations or C-corporations, and more. 

MyCorporation also helps with obtaining Doing Business As (DBA) names, tax IDs like employer identification numbers (EINs), and much more. 

Beyond the initial formation of your business, MyCorporation offers a variety of ongoing services to help you stay compliant and grow your company. For example, they can help with filing Annual Reports, filing copyright and trademark applications, transitioning your business to a new structure, issuing stock certificates, and much more.

Essentially, MyCorporation aims to be a trusted partner. They help with all legal, tax, registration and reporting requirements that your business might face. All this is offered at competitive pricing, with plans from just $99

Who MyCorporation is best for

MyCorporation is best for business founders who want help registering their businesses with state agencies in the most efficient and accurate way possible. It’s also useful for nonprofit founders, as it helps with the formation of nonprofits. 

MyCorporation is also best for those who want a “one-stop-shop” for business legal and reporting help. Few services offer such a wide variety of services, from trademark registration to Registered Agent services. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for years to come, MyCorporation is a great choice.

MyCorporation features & applications

MyCorporation has two main goals: To help you form a new business and to help you grow it. They offer an array of services to both of these effects, as detailed below. Keep in mind that some services are included in certain packages, while others are only available as add-on services (with an extra charge). 

MyCorporation helps you start a business by…

  • Providing a simple way to start a new company online
  • Making it easy to navigate complex state requirements
  • Matching legal and filing requirements in all US states
  • Providing business formation plans from just $99 + state fees
  • Giving you the choice of C-corp, S-corp, B-corp, LLC, nonprofit, etc.
  • Providing Articles of Incorporation and other key documents
  • Helping to obtain business licenses, permits, etc. 
  • Helping to find the perfect company name with a business name availability search 
  • Providing the choice of 4 business formation packages
  • Providing guidance on which business structure is right for your situation 
  • Much more 

MyCorporation helps you grow a business by…

  • Providing easy online tools to apply for trademarks and copyrights
  • Serving as your Registered Agent
  • Helping to file Annual Reports and other ongoing requirements
  • Helping to elect the right tax treatment (i.e. S-corp status)
  • Helping to draft and/or update an operating agreement
  • Tracking corporate minutes, bylaws, etc.
  • Online document storage and document filing
  • Keeping you on top of ongoing reporting and filing requirements 
  • Much more

Basically, MyCorporation can help with almost any legal, regulatory, licensing, filing, or reporting requirement your business may face. The company is a valuable partner for just about any small business in the United States. 

MyCorporation pricing & value

How much does MyCorporation cost, and is it worth it? You can expect to spend between $99 and $324 for a business formation package, depending on the plan level you choose. A variety of other services are available as well, priced separately. 

MyCorporation plan pricing

MyCorporation offers an array of services to help you form, run, and grow a business. There are four packages covering business formation, plus several options to add on additional services. Here’s a breakdown of pricing:

Basic Package – $99 + state fees

  • All the basic services you need to form a new business
  • Choice of LLC or corporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business name availability search
  • Compatible with all US states

Standard Package – $124 + state fees

  • All features of Basic plan + more
  • Annual Report service 
  • Includes Bylaws, corporate minutes, waivers + more

Deluxe Package – $224 + state fees

  • All features of Standard plan + more
  • Ongoing Registered Agent service 

Premium Package – $324 + state fees

  • All features of Deluxe plan + more
  • Ongoing compliance support with MaintainMyBiz services (see below)

MaintainMyBiz Package – $250/year

  • Ongoing subscription service to keep your business compliant with reporting requirements
  • 4 filings ever 12 months included
  • Help with filing initial/annual reports, S-corp election, amendments, membership certificates, stock certificates, and more
  • Help with corporate bylaws, operating agreements, DBAs, EINs, Certificate of Good Standing, and more
  • Help changing your business structure or selling your business

MyIncGuard Package – $79/year

  • Ongoing subscription service to remind you of reporting requirements
  • Helps keep you compliant by sending notifications to keep you on top of state, local and federal reporting requirements

In addition to these corporation and LLC formation packages, MyCorporation also offers an array of individually priced services. They can help with one-off reports, like Annual Reports, as well as intellectual property protections, like copyright and trademark applications. 

State fees

For all business formation plans, state fees are charged separately. This money is charged by MyCorporation, but the funds go to your state’s business licensing department. Fees vary substantially, depending on the state you’re incorporating in, and the business structure you choose. 

You can check the exact fee amount during the signup process for MyCorporation.com. Depending on your state, you can expect to pay $50 to $400+ on top of MyCorporation’s fees. 


Overall, MyCorporation offers excellent value for just about any small business owner or founder. Essentially, the service offers two things: Time savings and increased accuracy. The service’s efficiency means that you’ll save a ton of time while registering your new business. And by ensuring accuracy, you can avoid future headaches (and expenses) in the future. 

The fact that MyCorporation offers so many different services and packages also adds value for small business owners. You can choose from a variety of formation packages to customize your approach. For ongoing services, you can choose to add individual services as needed or opt for the MaintainMyBiz package, which can save many businesses money. 

MyCorporation pricing is competitive compared to competing incorporation services, such as ZenBusiness, Bizee, LegalZoom, etc. Each service offers a slightly different service offering in their packages, so it’s wise to compare your options. 

MyCorporation customer support

MyCorporation offers great customer support from friendly and knowledgeable representatives. It’s easy to contact their support team via chat, email, or phone. All plans come with unlimited customer support, even if you just choose an initial formation package. 

Customer ratings for MyCorporation’s support are mostly positive in customer reviews on Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc.

If you have questions, you can either contact support or browse an extensive FAQ section. There’s also an online learning resource library for business owners, which provides a lot of valuable information. 

Final thoughts 

MyCorporation is a great partner for your new business. It makes the initial registration or incorporation process as simple as possible and helps you ensure that everything is done efficiently and accurately.

On an ongoing basis, MyCorporation also shines. It’s one of few services that can help with advanced services like trademark and copyright registration. And it offers ongoing help with Annual Reports, a Registered Agent service, and much more. 

MyCorporation has served over a million businesses so far. Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and MyCorporation’s support team is unrivaled.