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If you’re looking to start a business, the first step is to obtain the proper business license with your state’s licensing agency. The process can be somewhat complex if you choose an LLC or corporate business structure. Fortunately, various online incorporation services can help bridge the gap, making it much easier to tackle all the legal requirements of starting a business.

At a glance

ZenBusiness is an online business services provider. They focus on the early stages of new businesses, helping entrepreneurs obtain business licenses and other legal requirements to start a new business.

With ZenBusiness, you can start an LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, and more – all from their intuitive online platform. They not only help you fill out the required paperwork for your state, but they also serve as your Registered Agent, a service that can usually be costly on its own.

Unlike many competitors, ZenBusiness offers good value long after the initial formation of your business. They can help with Annual Report filing, a requirement for many business structures in most states. Plus, they provide online access to your licenses and forms 24/7. You can get a business website, business email address, and more in more advanced plans.

One of ZenBusiness’ big advantages is its ultra-low costs. You can get started for as little as $49 (plus state licensing fees) – which is an extremely competitive price for the industry.

Who ZenBusiness is best for

ZenBusiness is best for entrepreneurs who are looking to start, run, and grow the business of their dreams. 

The primary function of ZenBusiness is to make starting a business easier by helping business owners file all the necessary paperwork with their state. The business formation process is greatly simplified, thanks to ZenBusiness’ helpful online interface. 

Unlike most business formation services, ZenBusiness also provides a lot of value on an ongoing basis. They help keep your business in good standing with state and federal agencies and provide valuable marketing tools like domain name registration and a business website. This makes it perfect for owners who want ongoing resources and tools for business growth. Most competing LLC formation services, like LegalZoom, focus solely on business formation – but ZenBusiness will be useful for years to come. 

ZenBusiness features & applications

ZenBusiness essentially has two main focuses: Helping you start a business and helping you grow it. Here’s a breakdown of features and applications for this popular service. Keep in mind that features vary depending on the plan you choose – and add-ons are available with some plans. 

ZenBusiness helps you start your business by…

  • Making it easy to register a new business online
  • Giving you a choice between a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or sole proprietor
  • Simplifying the process of obtaining other Doing Business As (DBA) names
  • Simplifying the process of choosing an available business name with Name Availability Search
  • Serving as your business’ Registered Agent
  • Providing useful resources, including templates for Operating Agreements, Banking Resolutions, and more
  • Making it easy to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is a tax ID for your business (required to hire employees – sole props can use it in place of a SSN)
  • Providing ZenBusiness customer service via phone and email support
  • Guaranteeing 100% accuracy

ZenBusiness makes it easy to start a new business in the United States. Its services are compatible with filing requirements in all US states, so ZenBusiness is a good option wherever you’re based. The process is simple and fast – you can be fully registered in a few days to a few weeks, depending on your state’s processing times. 

ZenBusiness helps you grow your business by…

  • Providing easy access to all your documents online, 24/7
  • Providing a free consultation with a licensed CPA to help structure your bookkeeping
  • Providing a Worry Free Compliance guarantee
  • Monitoring state filing requirements to keep your business compliant
  • Supplying useful resources, including a detailed Virtual Business Guide
  • Providing a business website, domain name, and email address
  • Providing free perks, like $150 in Google Ads credit, exclusive business credit card offers, and more
  • Offering ongoing customer support to answer your questions

ZenBusiness goes beyond the basics to continue serving your business long after you’ve filled out your initial paperwork. The platform helps keep you compliant with ongoing requirements, such as filling Annual Reports with state agencies. Plus, bonus features like a business website and free advertising credits help you reach new customers. 

ZenBusiness pricing

How much does ZenBusiness cost – and is it worth it? ZenBusiness costs $49 to $299 per year, depending on the plan you choose. State business licensing fees will be charged on top of this. Here’s a breakdown of each plan’s price points, as well as our opinion on what value this service provides for small business owners and startups. 

ZenBusiness offers three plans to choose from. The biggest differences are in available features and processing time. 

Starter Package – $49 first year, $119 annually

  • Standard filing speed
  • Registered agent service included
  • All the basic features of ZenBusiness
  • Starter Plan is useful for forming your business in the most cost-effective manner

Pro Package – $199 annually

  • Expedited filing speed
  • Registered agent service included
  • Advanced features, like templates for operating agreement and banking resolution
  • Worry-free compliance
  • Help obtaining an Employer ID Number (EIN) tax ID number
  • Pro Plan is useful for faster filing, and more advanced business formation and taxation features

Premium Package – $299 annually

  • Rush filing speed
  • Registered agent service included
  • All templates and features of the Pro package included
  • Worry-free compliance
  • Business domain name (and domain name privacy)
  • Business website
  • Business email address
  • Premium Plan is useful for the fastest filing possible, as well as help in establishing your business’ web presence

State fees

It’s important to understand that the ZenBusiness.com pricing structure (listed above) does not include state licensing fees. ZenBusiness plans cover just the service itself, while state fees are charged separately. These fees go directly to your state; ZenBusiness does not charge extra fees.

During the signup process, you’ll get a preview of the cost of state business licensing fees in your area. ZenBusiness is very upfront and transparent about these costs, which is helpful. 

The time it takes to file will also vary by state. Some processing times are as little as just a few business days, while others can take a month or more. ZenBusiness will give you an estimated turnaround time during the signup process. 

State fees (and filing requirements) vary significantly. For example, to form an LLC, state fees cost: $200 in New York, $300 in Texas, $70 in California, and so on.


Is the cost of ZenBusiness worth it? In almost all cases, yes – absolutely!

ZenBusiness’ business registration services can help save you many hours of work and a whole lot of headache. Starting an LLC or corporation can be a complex, confusing process – but ZenBusiness walks you through the entire process simply. It’s one of the best LLC service options for small businesses. 

In addition to saving you time, ZenBusiness also makes sure that everything is done correctly. This helps you avoid processing delays, extra fees and other costly errors. Plus, their Worry Free Compliance guarantee keeps your business compliant with all reporting requirements on an ongoing basis, so you can rest easy. 

The ongoing features of ZenBusiness also make it a compelling value for the long-term. If you like simplicity, you’ll appreciate using a single service for business filing, Registered Agent services, and even business website hosting and email. 

Compared to other service providers, like Bizee, LegalZoom, Northwest, etc., ZenBusiness’ pricing is very competitive. Plus, they have earned great ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, so you can rest easy knowing you’re working with a good company.

The only situation in which using ZenBusiness may not be worth the cost is if you are just signing up to be a sole proprietor. In many states, sole proprietorships are fairly simple to register, so you may not need the help of a service like ZenBusiness. With that said, even for sole proprietors and freelancers, ZenBusiness’ ongoing resources and tools still provide a lot of value. 

ZenBusiness customer support

ZenBusiness offers excellent customer support. They can help you choose and implement LLC formation packages and the accurate structuring of other business entity types. They can answer any questions you may have during the process (although ZenBusiness has great ease of use, overall). 

ZenBusiness support is fast and professional, and available via email or phone. When navigating the complex world of business legal requirements, it’s very helpful to have someone trustworthy to talk to.

Final thoughts

ZenBusiness is a valuable digital partner for any new business. They make it simple to start a new business, and complete all the necessary steps for your state. Everything is guaranteed with 100% accuracy, and is fully compliant with state requirements.

Most people will sign up for ZenBusiness to help with starting a new company. But really, that’s only half the value of this service. Substantial online perks make a ZenBusiness subscription well worth keeping. And for services they don’t offer directly – such as accounting solutions – they are happy to point you in the right direction and give advice.

Overall, we thoroughly recommend ZenBusiness. It’s one of the best online business registration services out there – and it offers a ton of value. And with plans from as little as $49, it’s one of the most affordable options out there.

Zenbusiness Pros

  • Solid customer support
  • Long track-record of reliability
  • Large company with lots of resources

Zenbusiness Cons

  • Hard to find refund and cancellation policy