Best Cities to Start a Business in Oklahoma

Last updated: March 19th, 2024

With a low cost of living and a favorable tax climate for business, Oklahoma offers plenty of opportunities for a promising entrepreneur.

Oklahoma City, the state’s capital and largest city, presents the best climate for the enterprising businessperson. The city’s economy once focused mainly on oil and gas, but recent years have seen its economy diversify into health services, information technology, and biotech.

The opportunity to receive investment for a business in the city is greater than ever before, as venture capital funds place a focus on innovation, supplied amply by local research institutions such as Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

Finding great employees at an affordable cost isn’t a problem either, as more and more young people are moving into Oklahoma City, drawn to its high quality of life, job opportunities, and affordable housing. In fact, the city ranks 6th in the nation in the ratio of 20-34-year-olds that make up the population.

OKBroken ArrowTulsa
OKOklahoma CityOklahoma

Only cities with over 50,000 inhabitants are reported in the results. Some data had to be interpolated to the county level and extrapolated to all the cities in the county. We concentrated on the following metrics to obtain our ranking: Cost of livingBest state for businessUnemploymentKauffman index, and Universities.

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