Enter Mia’s total profit/loss for the month of May account in the box below

Last updated: March 19th, 2024

Are you stuck on this EverFi answer? Let’s break this down for you to give you the correct answer AND show you how to work it out:

For the month of May we can see that Mia has Revenue, Fixed, Expenses and Variable Expenses like so:


Dog Food$3,650
Cat Food$2,850
Pet Treats$1,650
Pet Suppies$1,800

Fixed Expenses

Product Stock$4,000

Variable Expenses

Card Purchase$300

Okay, so the question here is asking us to “Calculate whether Mia had a profit or loss”.

The first thing you need to do is add up the expenses.

Total Expenses = Fixed Expenses + Variable Expenses
Total Expenses = $9,000 + $300 = $9,300

So now we know that total expenses is $9,300 and total revenue is $9,950.

All you have to do is deduct total expenses from total revenue:

Profit/Loss = $9,950 - $9,300 = $650

Mia’s total profit/loss for the month of May account is $650.

Hope that helps you!

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