Best Cities to Start a Business in New Hampshire

Last updated: March 19th, 2024

New Hampshire’s harsh winter weather and lack of dynamic urban centers are potentially discouraging factors keeping entrepreneurs from starting a business in the state, though, for those who dig a little deeper, there are plenty of positives attributable to its geography and unique, independent character.

Unlike its neighbors, New Hampshire is extremely tax-friendly, with no state income tax or sales tax, lowering the financial burden on potential startups. An additional incentive for enterprising businesses is comparatively low average energy usage in both residential and commercial areas, owing to cool summers and the lack of a need for air conditioning, keeping down costs.

The Granite State’s towering mountains and flowing rivers have long attracted tourists with their beauty, yet they also carry the considerable potential for renewable energy, according to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The rivers are a great untapped source of hydroelectric power, while its mountain ridges are apt locations for wind farms.


Only cities with over 50,000 inhabitants are reported in the results. Some data had to be interpolated to the county level and extrapolated to all the cities in the county. We concentrated on the following metrics to obtain our ranking: Cost of livingBest state for businessUnemploymentKauffman index, and Universities.

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