Texas Business Entity Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

Whether you want to see if the name you’ve chosen for your new company in Texas is available or want to access information of a business entity on record with the Texas Secretary of State (SoS), our step-by-step guide to Texas business entity search is here to help you.

Texas Business Entity Search

We’ll show you everything, from submitting a request for an SOSDirect account to name availability search and different search methods you can use to obtain information about a certain business entity in the state of Texas. However, you should know that there are fees for submitting inquiries, filing documents, and ordering copies and certificates. There’s no registration or subscription fee, but a statutorily authorized $1.00 search fee will be waived if an order or filing is submitted on the results of the search.

Let’s start with submitting a request for an SOSDirect account since you’ll need one to perform an inquiry!

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How to Submit a Request for an SOSDirect Account in Texas

If you don’t have an SOSDirect account, and at the moment don’t want to request one, you can use a temporary login form.

Step 1

Fill out the form (you’ll need to provide your name or the name of your business, full address, phone number, and email address). Once you’re done, click on the Continue button below.

Step 2

Select one of the available card types (as a temporary user, you can use only a Credit Card) and enter credit card information exactly like on the card statement. Click Continue.

As a temporary user, you can only perform web inquiries and place orders. You won’t be able to submit filings. To create an SOSDirect account, you should follow this link and click on the request for SOSDirect Account link. Unlike the temporary login form, this will give you full access.

Step 1

Enter either the name of your business or your full name (first and last name are required fields) and click Continue.

Step 2

Enter your full address and set up an alpha-numeric password that meets the requirements. Click Continue.

Step 3

Provide credit card information for verification and security purposes. Click Continue. Once you’ve submitted the SOSDirect account request, you’ll receive your SOSDirect User ID and Password via email (please allow up to one hour for the email to arrive).
If you already have an SOSDirect account, simply proceed to the login page and enter your SOSDirect User ID and Password. Click Submit.

Once you’ve logged into your SOSDirect account, you should click on the Business Organizations tab in the top menu. Select the Name Availability function from the list of available inquiries.

Step 1

Enter the required business entity name to the search box and click on the Search button below.

Step 2

If the name you’ve been looking for is available for use, there’ll be no search results. However, if there are some business entities whose names match the one you entered into the search box, you’ll get a list with all the business entities and some basic information (name (as well as name type and status), filing number, entity type and status).

Step 3

You can click on the filing number of one of the entities on this list to access additional entity details. On this page, you’ll be able to view the formation date, duration, tax ID, address, filing history, and more.

To perform a Texas business entity search, you should use your SOSDirect User ID and password to log into your SOSDirect account.

Step 1

Select one of the available payment methods and add your contact information. You can add the client reference into the provided field if needed.

Step 2

Enter payment details and click Continue.

Step 3

Select the Business Organizations tab from the top menu.

Select one of the available search methods from the list of inquiries and orders.

  • Find – Entity
  • Find – Supplemental
  • Find – Global
  • Find – Assumed name
  • Find – People
  • Find – Registered Agent
  • Filing Number Search
  • FEIN Search
  • TID Search
  • Document Number Search

Step 4

Click on the search box and enter the name or number you want to look up. Click on the Search button below.

Step 5

You’ll get a list of all the entities that match your search criteria. The list will include some key information for each of the businesses. For additional information, click on the filing number of any of the entities.

Texas Business Entity Search Recap

If you’ve carefully read our step-by-step Texas business entity search guide and followed each of the steps, you should know how to submit a request for the SOSDirect account, as well as how to check whether a certain business name is available for use, and how to obtain information for one of the business on record with the Texas SoS.

The information you’ll get from the search results includes:

  • Filing Number
  • Name of the Entity
  • Type of the Entity
  • Status of the Entity
  • Name Type
  • Name Status

As well as the name and title of the person if you performed a business entity search by person name.

When thinking about forming a new business entity, it’s important to perform the name availability search. This will tell you whether the name you want to use is already in use, reserved, or registered by a corporation, LP or LLC filed with the Texas SoS. If the name is available, you can start the formation by yourself or you can hire one of the LLC formation services, such as ZenBusiness, to do it for you.

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