Oregon Business Entity Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to the Oregon business entity search to help you understand how to use the Oregon Business Registry​ (OBR) to get the required search results and information about a certain business entity in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Business Entity Search

You can use Oregon’s Business Registry Database to perform a business entity search by a business name, a registry number, or by individual names. You can select whether you want to search only active, inactive, or all businesses.

And if you’ve just started thinking about forming a new business entity in Oregon, and would simply want to research whether the business name you’re thinking about is available, you can use the Business Name Availability Check function. If there are no active businesses on file with the selected business name, the search application will suggest that the name can be filed onto the state of Oregon records. However, the final decision is made by a filing officer at the time of filing.

Since now you know what this business entity search guide is all about, let’s start with search instructions!

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Business Name Availability Check

We’ll start with the business name availability check. You should access the Business Name Search on the Oregon Secretary of State website (the Corporation Division).

Step 1

Select the Business Name Availability Check as your search method. Enter one or more words to the search bar above (marked as Business Name) and click on the Search for Business Name button below.

Step 2

If the name you searched for is available, you’ll get the following message “(the name you searched for) appears to be available, however Business Registry staff will make the final determination”.

Otherwise, the message will say “The following names may affect availability” and below you’ll get the key information for business entities that have the same (or similar) name. This is due to the fact that the Name Availability Check looks not only for the exact name but for names that might confuse your future clients and customers. So, even though the name you searched for may seem technically available, you should pay attention to words that sound alike but aren’t spelled the same.

Step 3

You can click on the hyperlinked entity name or registry number for additional information about one of the entities from the search records.

Search by Business Name

Access the Business Name Search like before. When performing a search by a business name, we can use different search methods.

Search Methods (from the most restrictive one):

  • Only exact words in exact word order
  • Exact words in exact word order but followed by anything else
  • Exact words in any word order
  • Sound-alike words in exact word order
  • Sound-alike words in any word order
  • Extended Search in any word order

Step 1

Click on the business name search box and enter the words to look for. Select one of the available search methods, depending on how restrictive you want your search process to be. On the right, you can select whether you want to search for all companies or only for active or inactive ones. Click on the Search for Business Name button below.

Step 2

If there are no search results, you’ll see the following message “Your search did not return business names”. If it’s possible, you can try to search again, using one of the less restrictive search methods. You can return to the search page by clicking on the New Search link on the left.

If there are search results that match your search criteria, you’ll see a list that includes the name of the entity, its registry number, type, and status.

Step 3

To access additional information about one of the entities, click on its name or registry number. Now you’ll be able to see the jurisdiction, registry date (as well as next renewal date and renewal due), foreign name, and non-profit type, as well as associated names and their details. You can also view the name history and summary history. If you want to request copies and certificates of business registry documents, follow the link above the summary history.

Search by Registry Number

Another way to perform the Oregon business entity search is by a registry number.

Step 1

Click on the search box marked as Registry Number and type the number. Click on the Search for Business Name button below.

Step 2

Since each of the business entities has its own registry number, there’ll be either one or none search results. If the number doesn’t belong to an entity, you’ll get the following message “Registry number (the number you searched for) has wrong check digit”.

And if the number does belong to an entity, you’ll be taken directly to the entity page.

Search for Individual Names

You can also search by individual names. Access the Business Registry Database from this link.

Step 1

Enter the names to search for. First Name and Last Name are required fields, while Middle Name is optional. Select whether you want to search for all associated name types or associated name types except Agent. Or you can select one of the associated name types below. Click on the Search for Associated Names button below.

Step 2

The search results will give you the same information about the business entity like the previous two search methods we used.

Oregon Business Entity Search Recap

Hopefully, after reading this step-by-step guide to Oregon business entity search you know how to access the required information about one of the entities and how to find out if the name you’ve chosen for your company is free for you to use or not.

Once you’re sure about the name you want to use for your future company, you can start the formation process or you can hire one of the LLC formation services, such as Zen Business, to take care of all the paperwork for you.

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