Oklahoma Business Entity Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

Use our Oklahoma business entity search guide to get insight into different methods you can use to search business entities in Oklahoma. You’ll get access to information on record with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, and you’ll be able to order documents (such as a Certificate of Good Standing) or to file a legal document (such as the annual certificate, trade name, etc.).

Oklahoma Business Entity Search

As a future business owner, you’ve most likely spent some time thinking about the name for your new company. Before filing with the Secretary of State (Sos), you must ensure that the name you’ve chosen is available. You can use the business entities name availability search to get some preliminary results regarding the availability of the selected name but the final decision will be made by the Business Filing Department.

Let’s start with the basics and then we’ll move onto the advanced search!

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Business Entities Search by Name

To perform an Oklahoma business entity search, go to the Search Corporation Entities page on the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website.

Step 1

Enter the entity name into the search box and click Search.

Step 2

You’ll get a list with the search results that match the name (or part of the name) you entered into the search box. The list will show the entity name (as well as the name type and status), filing number, entity type, and the name of the registered agent for each of the entities.

Step 3

If you want to view additional information for one of the entities, click on the hyperlinked filing number that corresponds to the selected entity. From this page, you’ll be able to see jurisdiction, formation date, and information about the registered agent. You can view entity detail (for a $5.00 charge), file a document, and order documents, as well. You’ll have to provide your contact information (personal name and email address).

When on the Search Corporation Entities page, you can click on the Advanced Search link below the search box. You’ll be able to select whether you want to search all, active, banks, churches, domestic cooperatives, as well as to search by name of person, registered agent, and to perform name availability or filing number search.

You can use the Name Availability search as a preliminary search for an available business name. The Business Filing Department will decide whether the name is available or not.

Step 1

Select the Name Availability from the list, and enter the name to search for into the search box. Click Search.

Step 2

You’ll get a list that contains only the filing numbers and names of the business. To view more details, click on the filing number.

If there are no records, the following message will appear “No results found for criteria”.

You can also perform a business entity search by Filing Number.

Step 1

Select the Filing Number from the list, and enter the filing number to search for into the search box. Click Search.

Step 2

You must enter the exact filing number. If it belongs to an entity, there’ll be only one record in the search results. For additional information, click the hyperlinked filing number.

Business Search by Registered Agent

When performing a business search by a Registered Agent, you must know that for the entities filed prior to June 25, 2003, registered agents are stored as business names.

Step 1

Select the Search Registered Agent from the list and choose whether you’d want to search for a business or individual. Enter the business name or the first/middle/last name of the registered agent and choose a suffix if needed. The last name is a required field. Click on the Search button below.

Step 2

You’ll get a list with all the records that match your search criteria. From the list you’ll be able to tell the entity’s name, filing number, type, and the name and location of the registered agent. For more information about one of the business entities and the address of the agent, click on the corresponding filing number.

Business Search by Name of Person

Just like we’ve been searching by the registered agent, we can search by name of the person, as well. All you have to do is select the Search by Name of Person from the list and follow the same steps you followed when searching by the registered agent.

Oklahoma Business Entity Search Recap

In addition to standard business entity search by business name, Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website offers advanced search methods, such as filing number search, search by name of person or registered agent, and name availability search, as well as search for only active business entities, banks, churches, or domestic cooperatives.

From the search results, you’ll be able to tell the:

  • Filing Number
  • Name of the Business Entity
  • Type of the Business Entity
  • Name and the Location of the Registered Agent
  • Name Type and Status

Once you access the business entity page by clicking on the hyperlinked filing number, you’ll see additional information, including:

  • Corporation Type
  • Jurisdiction:
  • Formation Date
  • Address of the Registered Agent

From this page, you can also:

  • View Entity Details (for a $5.00 charge)
  • Order Documents
  • File a Legal Document

We believe this Oklahoma business entity search guide has helped you better understand how to perform the search and find the information you need.

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