New York Business Entity Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you want to perform a New York business entity search but don’t know where to start and how to do it? Follow our step-by-step guide to get information about business, limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and not-for-profit corporations, as well as other miscellaneous businesses.

New York Business Entity Search

You should use this database search only to get insight into business entities already on file with the New York Department of State (DoS) You’re advised not to use the database search as an indicator of whether the selected name is or is not available for you to use when forming a new business entity in the state of New York.

Without further ado, let’s start with our business entity search, step-by-step!

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New York Business Entity Search Instructions

Even though you can perform the New York business entity search only by the corporation or business entity name and the search is pretty simple to use, there are some things you should know prior to starting the search. This will help you get the best possible search results.

To perform the search, you should access the New York State Department of State website, and select the Corporations & Business Entity Database Searches from the menu on the right or Businesses – Business Search from the main menu.

The Search Criteria consist of the Entity Name, Name Type, Search Type, and Captcha. All fields are marked with *, therefore all of them are required.

  • Entity Name – The first box is reserved for the entity name you want to search for. The search isn’t case-sensitive. If you select Contains or Partial as a Search Type, you must enter a minimum of four characters. Enter a larger portion of the name to narrow the search results.
  • Name Type – You must select one of the two available types from the drop-down list. You can either search for Active Only or for All (both active and inactive entities).
  • Search Type – You can choose between three Search Types from the drop-down list – Begins WithContains, or Parcial. When you select the Begins With, you must enter the exact beginning part or entire name of the entity to be searched for, while if you select Contains or Partial, it’s enough if you know at least one of the words that are contained in the entity name. The only difference is that if you select Contains, you must know the whole word, while for Partial you can enter only part of the last word to be searched for. The non-alphanumeric characters are required to be entered exactly as they appear in the name of the business entity.
  • Captcha – Next to the text box you’ll see some numbers you should enter. Don’t wait too long or the Captcha will expire (you’ll be redirected back to the search page).

The NYS DoS Division of Corporations puts in the effort to ensure that the information provided on its website is up to date and accurate. Below the page title, you’ll see the date to which the database is current.

New York Business Entity Search by Business Name

Step 1

Type the corporation or business entity name to the search box and select the name type (depending on whether you want to search for all corporations or business entities or only for the active ones). Select a search type. You can search for corporations or business entities whose names begin with or contain the selected words (or part of the word). Enter the numbers from the image below into the field marked as Captcha and click on the Search the Database button below (or click the Enter key on your keyboard).

Step 2

You’ll get the list with the names of the corporations and business entities that match your search criteria. If there are more than 500 search results, only the first 500 will be displayed. If this is the case, you should click on the Revise Search Criteria button below.

If there are no records that match your search, you’ll get the following message “No business entities were found for (entity name you entered) and you’ll be advised to refine your search criteria.

Step 3

If you want to view information for an entity, click on the hyperlinked entity name. The additional information will include the status information for the selected business entity (current name and status of the entity, type of the entity, DoS ID, initial DoS filing date, county, and jurisdiction) and the address information (DoS process address, and the name and address of the registered agent).

Below you’ll see the stock information (applicable to domestic business corporations), and the name history (which includes the filing date, name type, and entity name).

If the business you’ve been looking for is not on the first page, use the paging buttons (Previous Page and Next Page) or the hyperlinked page numbers to view additional business names.

To perform a new search, click on the New Search button below, which will lead you to the Corporations & Business Entity Database Searches.

New York Business Entity Search Recap

After reading this step-by-step guide on New York business entity search, we’re sure you’ve figured out how to get the required information about business entities already on file with the New York DoS.

The business entity information you’ll be able to obtain from the search result includes:

  • Current Name of the Entity
  • Type of the Entity
  • DoS ID
  • Initial DoS Filing Date
  • County
  • Jurisdiction
  • Address to Which DOS Will Mail Process
  • Address of the Registered Agent
  • Stock Information
  • History of the Business Entity Name (filing date, name type, and entity name)

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