Georgia Business Entity Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you’re thinking about forming a new company in Georgia, you must’ve thought about the company’s name, as well. Prior to filing with the Secretary of State, you must ensure that the name you want to use for your company in Georgia is available. You can find out if the name is already in use by performing a simple Georgia business entity search using the Georgia Corporations Division website.

Georgia Business Entity Search

You can search business entities in Georgia by business name (partial or full), control number, registered agent name, or officer name. With this business search, you’ll get access to all the entity’s information of records with the Secretary of State. You can search for businesses regardless of their status (active or dissolved).

In this guide, you’ll get all the information you need to perform the Georgia business entity search. We’ll cover all the steps so that you can be sure you’ve researched the desired company’s name correctly. It’s important not only that you know that the name you’d want to use is available but also that there are no other companies with similar names since this could lead potential customers to confusion.

Without further ado, let’s start with the search!

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Business Search by Business Name

We’ll start with the business search by business name. Visit the Georgia Corporations Division website, and access the Business Search page.

Step 1

Enter the business name you’d want to perform a Georgia business entity search for. The name you enter can be a partial or full name of the business. You can search for the businesses whose names contain or start with the words you’ve entered, or you can look for an exact match. Select the corresponding option above the search box and click Search.

Step 2

If there are no records, a window with a message that says “No data found” will pop-up.

But, if there are relevant records, you’ll see a list of all companies in Georgia whose names match the words you entered into the search bar and meet your search criteria. You’ll see not only the name of the business but the control number, type, status, and principal office address of each business, as well as the registered/designated agent name.

Step 3

To see more information about any of the relevant businesses, simply click on the business’s name. Here you’ll see the NAICS code and sub-code, date of formation/registration date, last annual registration year, and additional information about the registered agent or officer.

You can look through the filing history or the name change history, as well. Just click on the corresponding button below.

Business Search by Control Number

The next method to perform a Georgia business entity search is by control number. Each search will be performed from the same Business Search page on the Georgia Corporations Division website.

Step 1

Click on the search bar next to the Control Number, and enter the control number to lookup. Click Search or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Step 2

Since the control number is assigned to the business entity by the Secretary of State’s office for identification and location purposes, there can only be one business with that number. Therefore, if the name you searched for belongs to a business in Georgia, there’ll be only one search result.

Business Search by Registered Agent Name

Another way to research business entities in Georgia is by registered agent’s name.

Step 1

Enter the name to search for to the corresponding search box and click Search. You can use the same search methods as before and look for the name that starts withcontains, or is the exact match to the words you’ve entered.

Step 2

Just like before, if you want to see additional information about one of the businesses, you should click on its name and it’ll lead you to the business page.

Business Search by Officer Name

The last method to perform a business search in Georgia is by officer’s name.

Step 1

Enter the name to the search box next to the Officer Name. You can enter the full name or just a part of it. Select whether you’re looking for names that start with, contain, or an exact match to the name you’ve entered. Click Search.

Step 2

Once you get the list of businesses, you’ll be able to see some key information about each of the businesses that meet your search criteria. However, if you want to see more, you should click on the business name.

Georgia Business Entity Search Recap

After reading this step-by-step guide, you’ll know not only how to perform the Georgia business entity search but how to find additional information about a particular business entity, as well. The basic search will give you the following information:

  • Name of the Business
  • Control Number
  • Type of the Business
  • Principal Office Address
  •  Name of the Registered Agent
  • Status

However, through businesses entity search, you can also get additional information, including:

  • NAICS Code
  • NAICS Sub Code (if there’s one)
  • Date of Formation/Registration Date
  • Last Annual Registration Year
  • Dissolved Date (if the business is dissolved)
  • Registered Agent Information (name, physical address, county)
  • Officer Information (name, title, business address)

You can also see the filing history (and the PDFs of available documents), as well as the name history if there are any records.

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