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Incfile Review – 2022

Incfile Review - 2022

Starting a new business can feel complex, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most important steps you’ll need to take is getting your business registered with your state. This can be a confusing process, but it’s vital that it’s done accurately. Fortunately, many online services can help guide you through the process. Incfile is one of those companies, and it’s a great option for small business founders.

Basically, Incfile is a middleman between you and your state’s business registration department (which is usually the Secretary of State’s office). You will work directly with Incfile’s intuitive online platform, which will guide you through all the forms that need to be filled, and ensure you complete all necessary requirements. 

In this Incfile review, we’ll go over all the details of this popular service: pricing, features, customer service, and more. 

Incfile review: At a glance

Incfile.com is an online service provider for entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders. It makes it easier to form a new LLC, corporation (S-corporation or C-corporation), or partnership with an intuitive online platform. It can also help you obtain extras, like doing business as (DBA) names, employer identification numbers (EIN), and more. They also serve charity founders, helping to form new nonprofit entities. 

Unlike some competitors, who offer a wide array of business services, Incfile definitely focuses on the core offering of business formation service. This is even referenced in their tagline: “Where Business Begins”. This focus on core offerings allows Incfile to offer extremely competitive pricing. They are the only company to actually offer free business registration services, as their Silver plan costs just $0 + state fees. Various other packages are available, ranging from $149 to $299, with more full-featured offerings. 

Incfile does offer a limited selection of ongoing services, as well. They can serve as your Registered Agent, help you file annual reports, help you build a business website, and keep your business compliant with ongoing filing requirements. 

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Who Incfile is best for

Incfile is best for entrepreneurs who want some assistance forming a new business entity, and who would like to do it in a cost-effective manner. Incfile’s formation services can help save founders a lot of time - and money, in the long run - by helping them navigate all the various federal and state requirements for new business entities. 

Incfile is also a good option for nonprofit founders, as it supports the formation of nonprofit corporations. Many Incfile competitors do not offer this option.

Incfile can also be useful on an ongoing basis, although this is not the focus of the service. If you need relatively basic ongoing services, such as Registered Agent and Annual Report filing services, Incfile is a good choice. If you need a full suite of business and legal services, you may wish to look elsewhere. 

Incfile features & services

Incfile has two categories of services: Tools for helping you form a new business, and tools for helping you grow and run your business. Here are some of the most notable features and services:

Incfile helps you start your business by…

  • Providing a simple way to form a new business entity online
  • Helping you draft your Articles of Organization and all other required formation documents
  • Providing your choice of limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or nonprofit corporation
  • Navigating complex legal requirements in all US states
  • Helping you find the right company name with an online Business Name Availability Search
  • Providing copies of all key documents
  • Making it easier to apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is necessary for hiring employees
  • Offering full Registered Agent service (required in many states)
  • Helping you obtain business licenses and some permits
  • Providing fast service, with next-business-day processing

Incfile helps you grow your business by…

  • Providing ongoing Registered Agent services, if required
  • Helping with Annual Report filing
  • Providing business contract templates and other useful business resources
  • Providing a free business tax consultation
  • Providing optional features to build a business website, get a business domain name, and a business email address
  • Providing exclusive discounts and special offers from partners
  • Helping to keep you in good standing with state agencies, with ongoing compliance support

Incfile pricing & value

How much does Incfile cost, and is it worth it? Business formation packages cost between $0 and $299, plus state fees. Incfile is the only major provider to offer a free service; their basic Silver package can help you form a new business for free, you just need to pay the state filing fees to your state’s business department. Various other services are also available, priced individually. 

Incfile plan pricing

There are three main corporation and LLC formation services from Incfile. The main differences are processing/shipping speed, and available features. Pricing is the same, whether you’re forming an LLC or a corporation (although state fees may vary). In addition to Incfile’s own service fees, keep in mind that state fees are always charged separately (see explanation below).

Silver Package - $0 + state fees

  • Standard filing speed
  • Free; just pay state registration fees
  • Preparing & filing of Articles of Incorporation
  • Business name search
  • Lifetime support
  • Business banking account
  • 1 year free Registered Agent service
  • Online access to your documents

Gold Package - $149 + state fees

  • All features of Silver plan
  • Express shipping
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) included
  • Includes Operating Agreement + banking resolution
  • Ongoing compliance with lifetime Company Alerts
  • Free business tax consultation
  • Ongoing access to all your documents via online portal

Platinum Package - $299 + state fees

  • All features of Gold plan
  • Useful templates for your use, like contract templates
  • Expedited filing + fast FedEx shipping
  • A domain name for your business
  • Business email address
  • A full business formation kit

State fees

Whenever you register a new business, you’ll have to pay some registration or filing fees with the state that you’re forming the new business entity in. Whether you use a service like Incfile, or do it all yourself, you’ll still need to pay these fees. In the case of working with Incfile, the company will charge you the state fee, but the full amount is passed on to the relevant state agency. 

The fees that each state charges varies significantly. For example, forming a new LLC will cost around $280 in Washington, $79 in Florida, or $160 in New York. Forming a new corporation will cost around $200 in Washington, $70 in Florida, and $130 in New York. 

When you begin the checkout process, you’ll see the full cost, including a breakdown of the state filing fees. You’ll also see an expected processing speed during checkout. 


Incfile offers a lot of value for anyone starting a new business. The main benefit is that it can save you a lot of time. Incfile’s incorporation services can help simplify a very complex process, helping you complete all the necessary steps more efficiently. It also helps ensure that steps are completed accurately, helping to prevent future issues. 

How does Incfile compare to competitors like LegalZoom, BizFilings, and ZenBusiness? Well, Incfile’s basic plan is an incredible bargain, at a whopping $0. Basic packages from competitors tend to fall in the $80-150 range. That said, Incfile’s basic plan is quite basic, so you’ll likely want to select some add-ons, or opt for one of the premium packages. 

Incfile customer support

Incfile has customer support agents that are available via phone and email. All of their plans come with lifetime support, even if you don’t select any ongoing services. Many plans also come with Lifetime Company Alerts, a free service that reminds you about upcoming deadlines for state and federal filing. 

Feedback in Incfile customer reviews is somewhat mixed. Many positive reviews detail great experiences with their support team. On the other hand, some people have mentioned difficulty in contacting support over the phone specifically, so email support may be more reliable. Additionally, Incfile has mediocre reviews on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

There’s also some specific advisory or consulting services available from Incfile, where you talk directly to support agents. For example, some plans come with a free business tax consultation. Incfile can also help recommend useful products and services to your business, should you need help with something that’s outside of their range of services. 

Final thoughts 

Incfile has a lot to offer - primarily, it’s famous for its $0 plan, which lets anyone form a new business while paying just state fees (Incfile makes money through partnerships and recommending various services to you, such as business bank accounts). Beyond the free plan, Incfile’s more full-featured packages offer competitive pricing and a wider variety of services.

The Incfile platform has good ease of use, helping to simplify the complex process of registering a new business. Customer service reps are professional, but may be a bit slow to reach over the phone. With all that said, it’s worth noting that Incfile has reviews that are mediocre at best; more people seem to have issues with this service, compared to competing LLC formation services. 

Best LLC Services – 2022

Best LLC Services – 2022

Starting a new business can be intimidating, for a wide variety of reasons. Even something that seems simple at first can in reality be quite complex. For instance, the actual process of forming and registering a new business entity is more involved than many entrepreneurs expect. Fortunately, a variety of LLC formation services and incorporation services can help make it much easier. 

What is an LLC formation service? Basically, it’s an online service that helps you navigate the business filing requirements set by your state. These services are basically middlemen - you still technically register through your state’s agency, but the service does the actual legwork for you. Instead of filling out physical forms and corresponding with your state’s Secretary of State’s office, you’ll fill out digital forms, and be guided through the process by the service you pay for. 

Many of these services can also serve as your Registered Agent, which is a requirement in many states. While you can serve as your own Registered Agent in some states, it’s often better to hire a professional to do it. 

With a business formation service, you can typically form the following types of business entities:

  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Corporations (C-corp, S-corp)
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships (LLPs and LPs)
  • Nonprofit corporations and charities

Almost all services offer corporation and LLC formation options. Partnerships, sole proprietorships, and nonprofit corporations are only offered by certain companies. If your goal is to open one of these, be sure to double-check that the service you are considering offers that option. 

Also, keep in mind that sole proprietorships are much easier to form, compared to any other business entity. You may not need the help of a service in order to start a sole prop. 

Benefits of LLC formation services

For the majority of entrepreneurs, the benefits of working with a business incorporation service will typically far outweigh the costs. Here are some of the biggest perks of hiring one of these services:

Simplicity & accuracy

These companies take the guesswork and hassle out of registering a new business. If you file directly with your state, you’ll need to navigate a somewhat complex, often outdated system. You’ll also need to manually fill out forms, draft legal documents, and more - all of which can be overwhelming. When you work with a service, they can make the process far more simple. Plus, their experience helps ensure accuracy, reducing the odds of any issues. 

Efficiency & speed

In the business world, time is money. That’s why many entrepreneurs opt to outsource tasks like company formation. The companies on this list process tens of thousands of business applications every year, and they are well-versed with requirements in all US states. Some companies even offer same-day processing (although you’ll still have to wait for the state to do their part). By working with a service, you can free up your own time to what matters most: actually running your new business! 

Required services

Many registration services can also serve as your Registered Agent. In all states, it’s required to have a Registered Agent assigned to your new company (for most business structures). This agent handles legal and official correspondence between the business and state/federal agencies. Some states allow the business owner or an employee to be the registered agent, but in most cases, it’s helpful to have a professional do it. 

Ongoing support

The focus of these services is on helping you through the initial steps of business formation. With that said, most also offer valuable ongoing services. Many can be your Registered Agent for years to come, help you with annual report filing, and help keep your business in good standing with ongoing requirements from state and federal agencies. 

Documents & templates

With most of these services, you’ll have ongoing, digital access to your key business formation documents: LLC operating agreements, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, etc. Some services also offer handy templates, such as business contract templates, banking resolution templates, bylaws, invoices, and more. 

Company & business names

Choosing a company name is an important - and often overlooked - part of starting a business. Incorporation services usually have some sort of business name check, which can help you select an available company name. Plus, you can select Doing Business As (DBA) names, allowing your firm’s parent name to differ from any brand names that you operate under. 

Optional services

Most formation services also offer a host of optional services that can help meet the needs of your business. Some offer intellectual property protections, such as trademarks and copyrights. Others can connect you with business tax consulting, for ongoing IRS compliance. And some offer more diverse legal help, such as consulting, contract review, business conversion services, and more. 

Costs of forming an LLC or corporation

How much do LLC formation services cost? Typically, expect to spend $50-$150+ for a service to help you (with a basic package), plus $50-$300+ for state filing fees.

When you work with one of these services, there are two price categories: The service’s own fees, and state fees. 

State filing fees

State fees are charged regardless of whether you use a service or not. This money goes directly to the state you are forming a business in. They cover business license and incorporation costs for the state agencies responsible for issuing new business permits.

State fees for LLCs are typically $70-$200+, while corporations are closer to $100-$300+. LLCs are usually lower cost than corporations or partnerships, but this is not always the case. 

That said, these fees vary hugely from state to state. For example:

  • California charges $70 for an LLC, and $100 for a corporation
  • Minnesota charges $155 for both LLCs and corporations
  • Florida charges $125 for a new LLC, but only $70 for a corporation
  • Texas charges $300 for both LLCs and corporations
  • New York charges $200 for an LLC, and $135 for a corporation

When you work with a service, you will see a preview of the total cost, including state fees, during the checkout process. And while the service will charge you these fees, the full amount is passed on to the state. 

Service fees

Service fees are charged by incorporation services themselves. This money goes towards running their platform, paying for customer service representatives, etc. In general, expect to spend $50-$100+ for the basics, or $150-$300+ for a more premium package. Keep in mind that LLC filing fees may vary from incorporation fees, so your choice of business structure can affect costs.

If you just want help with the basic requirements of new business formation, you can opt for a cheaper, simpler package from a service provider. If you want extras, like an Employer Identification Number (EIN) federal tax ID number, Registered Agent services, you should opt for a more substantial plan. 

How to choose the right service

There are dozens of business formation services, all competing to gain you as a customer. How do you navigate the many options to select the right one for your start up? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Business structures offered - LLCs, corporations, partnerships, nonprofits, etc.
  • Packages/plans offered - choice of price-points, available features, etc.
  • Ongoing services offered - Registered Agent, annual report filing, etc.
  • Customer support offered - phone/email/chat support, ongoing/lifetime support, etc.
  • Ease of use offered - simplicity and easy-to-navigate platforms
  • Perks offered - bonus features, such as a website, domain name, tax consultation, etc.
  • Value offered - price-point compared to competitors, overall value of the service, etc.
  • Customer reviews - how past customers have rated the services, their rating with BBB/Trustpilot, etc. 
  • Turnaround time - processing and filing speed of your business documents

Essentially, you want to find a service that offers the features you need, at a price that fits your budget. The biggest thing to consider is whether the service you are considering actually supports the business structure you want to form. While all services support LLCs and corporations, only a handful support nonprofits and partnerships.

Beyond that, it’s largely a matter of choosing a service with package(s) that fit your individual needs. For some recommendations, see our list of the top options below. 

The best LLC formation services

To help readers select the right fit for their needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best online business formation services. Our selections were made based on a combination of features, pricing, customer service, review scores, and overall value. 


ZenBusiness is an online business registration service that makes it simple to accurately and quickly start a new company. You can choose from sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. They can even help you obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN). Plus, ZenBusiness serves as your Registered Agent, at no additional cost! 

Beyond the initial business formation, ZenBusiness can serve as a valuable partner for years to come. They provide useful resources, powerful tools, and ongoing compliance support, to help your business grow and thrive. 

Who ZenBusiness is best for

ZenBusiness is best for owners who want powerful tools to both start and grow a small business.

Unlike most competitors, ZenBusiness offers an ongoing subscription service that acts as a partner for your business, for many years to come. 

What makes ZenBusiness unique

ZenBusiness helps with all the standard business formation tasks, helping you satisfy state requirements for the formation of an LLC, corporation, or sole proprietorship. They make this process simple and fast.

What makes ZenBusiness unique is that they offer a wide variety of ongoing services to help meet your business needs. They offer:

  • Ongoing compliance guarantee to help you stay on top of ongoing filing/reporting requirements
  • Ongoing Registered Agent services
  • Powerful marketing tools, like a business website, domain name, email, and even free advertising credits
  • Insights and advice, from CPAs, business advisors, and more
  • Learning resources, reports, and powerful online tools
  • Easy online access to all your licenses, forms, templates and more
  • Friendly and professional customer support

See the full review of ZenBusiness here.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is, as the name suggests, a Registered Agent service - but it has shifted focus to offer full-fledged business formation packages. Today, you can use Northwest to register a new LLC or corporation online, in all 50 states. Pricing is transparent and competitive, and Northwest takes customer service very seriously. 

Who Northwest Registered Agent is best for

Northwest Registered Agent is best for those who want personalized guidance and service. When you use Northwest, you’ll be paired with your own Corporate Guide. This guide will help you through the business formation process, and will also serve as your personal customer support representative

Northwest is also a good choice for those who value privacy and data security. Northwest puts a huge focus on protecting client data and personal information. They do not sell any client data, and they offer a number of useful privacy-boosting services. 

What makes Northwest Registered Agent unique

Northwest takes a hands-on, personal approach, and aims to build a relationship with each of their customers. They achieve this primarily through their Corporate Guide program. They also prioritize relationships over profit, so they don’t sell data or try to force you into a bunch of add-ons. Here are some unique aspects of what Northwest brings to the table:

  • Flat-fee pricing ($100) for filing services
  • One-on-one service and guidance from a personal Corporate Guide
  • Ongoing services, like Registered Agent
  • Virtual Office and Mail Forwarding services
  • Second business phone number for privacy
  • Northwest works hard to protect your privacy

See the full review of Northwest Registered Agent here.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is an online incorporation service that serves both businesses and nonprofits. With it, you can form an LLC, S-corp, C-corp, nonprofit entity, and more - plus obtain EINs, DBAs, and much more. Swyft also helps with other business licensing and permitting needs, and provides an array of ongoing business services. 

Who Swyft Filings is best for

Swyft Filings is best for business owners who want a huge suite of available features, including advanced business conversion, ongoing reporting and compliance, and more. It offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of business services out of all the competitors on this list. 

It’s also a great choice for nonprofit founders, as it provides both nonprofit registration and helps with tax-exemption applications. 

What makes Swyft Filings unique

Swyft Filing’s support for a wider range of organizational structures makes it unique. For instance, you can form either a C-corp or an S-corp, and you can form nonprofit entities. Plus, if you need to convert your business structure in the future, Swyft can help with that, as well. Here are some unique features of Swyft Filings:

  • Reseller permits/sales tax permits/etc.
  • Business conversion services
  • Ongoing compliance & reporting support
  • Lifetime support for all packages
  • Upfront pricing; no ongoing fees for most services
  • Huge learning resource library for business owners 
  • Many services for nonprofit founders

See the full review of Swyft Filings here.

Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services is a business formation service that specializes in forming new businesses in the state of Delaware. They make it simple to form a new LLC or corporation while taking advantage of all of Delaware’s business-friendly rules. They also offer some ongoing services, such as a Registered Agent service, but their focus is definitely on new business formation. 

Who Harvard Business Services is best for

Harvard Business Services is best for founders who want to take advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly courts, tax laws, and regulations. Delaware is well-known for being one of the easiest states to form a new LLC in, and they have advantageous tax laws and efficient business courts. Plus, you don’t need to be a Delaware resident in order to form a company there. With HBS, business owners from all over the country can easily form a Delaware LLC or corporation. In fact, HBS even offers Delaware incorporations for international clients. 

What makes Harvard Business Services unique

Harvard Business Services is one of few companies that specialize in business formations in a specific state (Delaware). While most competitors offer plans for new companies in all US states, HBS dials in their services to work with only Delaware. This makes them very efficient, and allows them to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. Here are some unique features of this service:

  • Incorporate or form an LLC in Delaware
  • Rapid processing time; most orders are fulfilled in around a week
  • Expedited processing available to get your business documents in as little as 1 business day
  • Ongoing Registered Agent service for just $50/year (one of the cheapest rates in the industry)
  • Very competitive pricing; packages from just $179, including state registration fees
  • You don’t need to live in Delaware to form a Delaware company through HBS
  • Choice of digital delivery or mail delivery of documents

See the full review of Harvard Business Services here.


MyCorporation is an online business formation service that provides help with incorporation, registering new trademarks, obtaining permits, and more. With the service, you can form a new LLC or corporation, with your choice of S-corp, C-corp, and even B-corp. Nonprofit corporations are also supported. 

Who MyCorporation is best for

MyCorporation is best for business founders who want help with initial business formation, and who would also like help with intellectual property protections. The service offers help with obtaining copyrights, trademarks, patents and more.

It’s also a good choice for founders wanting to support a cause. Not only does MyCorporation help with the formation of new charities and nonprofits, but they also help obtain B-corp certification. B-corporations, or benefit corporations, are companies that opt to make social and environmental goals a substantial aspect of their business model. 

What makes MyCorporation unique

MyCorporation is unique in the specific range of services they offer. They are among just a handful of incorporation services that makes it easy to start a new nonprofit corporation or B-corp, and they are also among the few that offer intellectual property protections. Here are some unique aspects of MyCorporation:

  • Intellectual property protections (trademarks, patents, copyrights)
  • Nonprofit formation
  • B-corp certification
  • Ongoing company maintenance, including annual report filing
  • Tax election options, such as S-corp status
  • Business transition services (conversion, dissolution, sale)

See the full review of MyCorporation here.


BizFilings is an LLC formation service that helps with initial formation, as well as ongoing business filing requirements. Their pricing is transparent and competitive, and they support a wide variety of business structures. A diverse lineup of service offerings makes it easy to select the features that are best suited to your needs and budget. 

Who BizFilings is best for

BizFilings is a great choice for those who want to form a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. Many competing services do not offer these business structures, but BizFilings does. BizFilings also offers support for nonprofit corporations. 

It’s also a good choice for those who want ongoing services at a competitive price. BizFilings helps with ongoing compliance, Registered Agent services, and can also help you navigate future changes to your business, such as corporate structure changes, or the sale of your business. 

What makes BizFilings unique

The biggest unique aspect of BizFilings is their support for nearly every business structure. With it, you can form an LLC, C-corporation, S-corporation, nonprofit corporation, limited partnership (LP), limited liability partnership (LLP), and even sole proprietorships. There are also some other unique features to consider:

  • Support for all business structures
  • Partnership businesses are supported
  • Option to build your own package, or select from premade bundles
  • Initial and ongoing business filing services
  • Competitive, transparent pricing 

See the full review of BizFilings here.


Incfile is an incorporation service with a relatively simple, streamlined selection of business formation services. They choose to focus on core offerings, so although they do offer some additional services, Incfile has a bit more narrow of a selection of specialty offerings. This razor-focus is highlighted by their tagline: “Where Business Begins”.

Who IncFile is best for

Incfile is best for those who want to form a new business, in the most cost-effective way possible. Incfile is known for offering some of the best values in the industry; they even have a $0 plan, in which you just need to pay for state filing fees. 

It’s also a good choice for those who want recommendations for other useful services. Incfile makes a point of recommending its customers to compatible business services, like business bank accounts, business website hosting, and more. In most cases, Incfile does not directly offer these services, but instead partners with other companies to offer special deals. 

What makes IncFile unique

Incfile is the only major incorporation service to offer a free LLC plan. It’s called the Silver Package, and it costs $0 + state fees, and still covers the basics that you’ll need in most states. On this plan, Incfile makes money through their partnership offers. There are some other unique features from Incfile that are worth considering:

  • Very competitive pricing (plans from $0 + state fees)
  • Exclusive deals and special offers with partner services
  • Free online learning center + FAQs for business owners
  • Streamlined and simple service offerings
  • The cheapest way to form an LLC or corporation

See the full review of Incfile here.


LegalZoom is an online legal services provider. They do help with the formation of new businesses, but this is only one of LegalZoom’s dozens of legal services. They are helpful for both business and personal legal needs, and offer one of the most diverse lineups of services out of any provider on this list. 

Who LegalZoom is best for

LegalZoom is best for those looking for a one-stop-shop for all legal needs. Not only does it help you form a new company, but it can provide valuable ongoing business services. For instance, LegalZoom provides ongoing business advisory services with real attorneys, for less than $35/month. They can help you review contracts, advise on business disputes, and much more.

Plus, LegalZoom is helpful on the personal front, as well. The service can help you draft a Last Will and Testament, plan for your estate, and much more - all from the same, intuitive online platform. 

What makes LegalZoom unique

LegalZoom is far more than an incorporation service; it’s a full-blown legal services provider that offers just about everything a traditional law firm might. While LegalZoom won’t represent you in court, they can refer you to a qualified attorney who can - and provide legal advice through their advisory service. For everything else, they offer a streamlined and simple platform for useful legal services. Here are some unique features of LegalZoom:

  • Subscription-based legal advisory services from licensed attorneys
  • Form new LLCs, corporations and more
  • Get help with ongoing business filing needs
  • Intellectual property protections
  • Help reviewing business contracts, terms, etc.
  • Personal estate planning services, to protect personal assets (Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, etc.)

See the full review of LegalZoom here.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is a business compliance service based in Pennsylvania. They offer advanced compliance services, and specialize in companies that have operations in many states. Harbor Compliance boasts more than 25,000 clients, including many large firms and nonprofit organizations.

One of their key offerings is an easier way to manage compliance requirements for entire nationwide business operations. They offer a proprietary software that lets companies oversee and manage their compliance requirements nationwide. 

Who Harbor Compliance is best ​for

Harbor Compliance is best for large companies with operations in several states. Their tools are specialized for the needs of larger, nationwide organizations. Many key aspects of their software and services are best suited for cross-state compliance issues. 

For smaller businesses, Harbor Compliance can still help - but it may be overkill for some. 

What makes Harbor Compliance unique

Harbor Compliance specializes in complex compliance situations for large companies with operations in many states. One of their unique offerings is a proprietary software that entrepreneurs and managers can use to stay on top of requirements. This software offers many unique features:

  • Monitor business licensing requirements in each state
  • Stay on top of due dates and other requirements
  • Automate repeating tasks
  • Get a birds-eye view of your business’ standing nationwide
  • Search and learn about requirements in each state 
  • Much more

On top of their advanced software, Harbor Compliance offers many of the services that your business will need. They can serve as your Registered Agent, handle filing of annual reports, and much more. 

See the full review of Harbor Compliance here.

Swyft Filings Review – 2022

Swyft Filings Review - 2022

If you’re starting a new business or organization, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is getting that business properly registered with your state. Each US state has a government department - usually the Secretary of State’s office or the Department of Revenue - who processes business licenses. You can apply directly with these departments, however, the process can be complex. For a simpler experience, it’s wise to use an online business formation service, such as SwyftFilings.com.

Swyft Filings serves as a middleman between you and the state agency. They help you decide which business structure (LLC, corporation, etc.) makes sense for your situation. And then, they walk you through all the forms you need to fill out, and all the steps you need to take, to get your business licensed. This Swyft Filings review will explain more about this service, it’s features, how much it costs, and more. 

Swyft Filings review: At a glance

Swyft Filings is an online business formation service. It helps you form a new company - or nonprofit organization - online. They also offer ongoing business services to help founders grow their companies, but the focus is on the initial stages of forming a new business. 

With Swyft Filings, you can start an LLC, S corporation, C corporation, and much more. The service also helps nonprofit founders form nonprofit entities, and even obtain tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) status. You can use Swyft Filings to obtain an employer identification number (EIN), and register new doing business as (DBA) names. The service can also serve as your Registered Agent, and help you keep up with ongoing state and federal reporting requirements. 

There are dozens of add-on services from Swyft Filings that can help your company on an ongoing basis. They can help with annual report filing, converting your business to a new structure, obtaining special permits and business licenses, and much more. 

In short, Swyft Filings aims to be a trusted partner for your organization, helping with all licensing and legal requirements that you may face. Plus, they offer very competitive pricing, with a variety of plans to choose from - starting at just $49 + state fees

Check out our roundup of Best LLC Services

Who Swyft Filings is best for

Swyft Filings is best for founders who are looking for help getting their business licensed quickly and accurately. It’s also a great option for charity founders; unlike many competitors, Swyft Filings makes it easy to start a nonprofit organization online.

The primary function of Swyft Filings is to help with the initial formation of your business. That said, the service is also helpful on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for years to come (with à la carte pricing, and no subscription fees), Swyft Filings is a great choice. 

Swyft Filings features & services

There are two main aspects to the features and services of Swyft Filings: Helping you start a business, and helping you grow it. Here’s a detailed breakdown. Keep in mind that available features depend on the package you choose, and some are sold as optional add-ons.

Swyft Filings helps you start your business by…

  • Providing a simple way to start a business online
  • Giving you your choice of limited liability company (LLC) or corporation
  • Options to elect S-corp status
  • Options to choose standard or rush processing speed
  • Providing plans from just $49 (plus state fees)
  • Options to obtain additional Doing Business As (DBA) names
  • Options to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN), sales tax licenses, reseller permits, and more
  • Offering full compliance with regulations in all US states
  • Providing help searching for an available business name
  • Choice of several different LLC formation packages, corporation formation options, etc.
  • Provides business formation templates and resources
  • Also helps with registering new nonprofits, obtaining tax-exempt status, and more
  • Much more!

Swyft Filings helps you grow your business by… 

  • Helping you build a website, obtain a business domain name, and more
  • Providing optional Registered Agent service for ongoing correspondence 
  • Providing optional services to obtain specialized business licenses and permits
  • Providing ComplianceGuard Company Alerts, which keep you on top of ongoing requirements
  • Providing free 30-minute accounting consultation to get your bookkeeping in order
  • Initial Report and Annual Report filing
  • Business conversion services (switching from LLC to corporation, for example)
  • Providing access to your licenses and forms online
  • Online access to articles of organization, business templates and other key documents
  • Offering digital business filing and document filing
  • Providing a huge online learning center for business growth resources

Essentially, Swyft Filings can help you with nearly any licensing, regulatory, or legal aspect of your business or nonprofit. Swyft Filings offers a variety of valuable services for additional fees. They are a valuable resource and partner for just about any organization. 

Swyft Filings pricing & value

How much does Swyft filings cost, and is it worth it? Swyft Filings costs $49 to $299 for business formation packages. Other services are available at an additional cost. Here’s a breakdown of the different packages offered by Swyft Filings.

Swyft Filings plan pricing

There are three packages from Swyft, with the main differences being features and processing speed. Pricing for Swyft Filing’s services is the same, whether you’re forming an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit. However, state fees vary depending on the business structure. Keep in mind that state fees are charged on top of Swyft’s pricing (see below). 

Basic Package - $49 + state fees

  • Standard filing speed
  • Basic business formation features
  • Help with selecting available business name
  • Free business tax and accounting consultation
  • Free domain name
  • Lifetime support

Standard Package - $149 + state fees

  • Standard filing speed
  • All features of Basic Plan
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) federal tax ID
  • Custom forms like banking resolution and LLC operating agreement
  • Lifetime support

Premium Package - $299 + state fees

  • Express filing speed
  • All features of Standard and Basic plans
  • Express document shipping
  • Electronic delivery of business documents
  • Free business website, domain name, and 3 months of hosting
  • Custom Digital LLC Kit or digital Corporate Kit
  • Lifetime customer support

State fees

When you register a new business or nonprofit, you’ll have to pay registration fees directly to your state. Swyft Filing charges these state filing fees on top of their own pricing structure, and then sends the funds directly to your state agency. 

State fees vary significantly, depending on the state and the business structure you choose. For example, forming an LLC costs:

  • $300 in Texas
  • $200 in New York
  • $70 in California

Incorporation costs will be different than LLC formation service costs. Each state has their own pricing structure. Thankfully, Swyft Filings will show you exactly how much it will cost during the signup process. They will also give you an estimated processing time, as each state has different turnaround times. Some are as fast as a few business days, while others may take a month or more. 


Swyft Filings offers excellent value for small business owners. It’s main benefit is simply ease of use; it makes a complex system of rules and regulations seem simple, by providing very intuitive tools and resources. 

Pricing is very competitive to similar incorporation services like ZenBusiness, Incfile, and LegalZoom. Particularly with the basic plan, Swyft Filings LLC costs are some of the cheapest in the industry. 

Swyft Filings charges extra for add-on features, but these are all optional. And, unlike some competitors, there are no ongoing costs, unless you specifically opt for extra features. 

Swyft Filings customer support

Swyft Filings offers great customer service via phone, email, or live chat. Many Swyft Filings customer reviews have reported good experiences with their support staff. 

Also, Swyft has lifetime customer support on all their packages. This is a great feature, particularly considering that these plans are just a one-time fee, and don’t have ongoing subscription costs. 

Swyft also offers specialized support and consultations in some areas. For example, each package comes with a free 30-minute tax and accounting consultation, conducted by an accounting professional. This free access to specialized advice is a big benefit of Swyft Filings. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, Swyft Filings is an excellent service for business owners. Its selection of business formation packages offer great features, at a great value. And a wide range of additional services can help your business with any future needs that arise. 

Swyft Filings has earned positive reviews on Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and other third-party rating websites. Our own experience with the platform was very positive, leading us to wholeheartedly recommend the service. 

MyCorporation Review – 2022

MyCorporation Review - 2022

If you’re starting a new company, one of the first steps you must take is to get your business registered with the appropriate state agency. State rules vary drastically, and the process can be relatively simple, or incredibly complex, depending on where you live. Fortunately, a variety of online services help simplify the process, by acting as middle-men between you and the state agency. MyCorporation is one of these services.

MyCorporation is an online business services provider. They help you register new businesses, keep your existing company compliant, and make any needed changes to the structure of your business. They also offer a variety of other useful services, including intellectual property protection. This MyCorporation review will go over the details of this service, helping you decide if it’s a good fit for your company. 

MyCorporation review: At a glance

MyCorporation is an online business formation service. It helps you form a new company or nonprofit entity, and works with the relevant state agencies to satisfy all legal requirements.

With MyCorporation, you can form a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or nonprofit entity. You can also choose from different subcategories, forming, for example, S-corporations or C-corporations, and more. 

MyCorporation also helps with obtaining Doing Business As (DBA) names, tax IDs like employer identification numbers (EINs), and much more. 

Beyond the initial formation of your business, MyCorporation offers a variety of ongoing services to help you stay compliant and grow your company. For example, they can help with filing Annual Reports, filing copyright and trademark applications, transitioning your business to a new structure, issuing stock certificates, and much more.

Essentially, MyCorporation aims to be a trusted partner. They help with all legal, tax, registration and reporting requirements that your business might face. All this is offered at competitive pricing, with plans from just $99

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Who MyCorporation is best for

MyCorporation is best for business founders who want help registering their business with state agencies, in the most efficient and accurate way possible. It’s also useful for nonprofit founders, as it helps with the formation of nonprofits. 

MyCorporation is also best for those who want a “one-stop-shop” for business legal and reporting help. Few services offer such a wide variety of services, from trademark registration to Registered Agent services. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for years to come, MyCorporation is a great choice.

MyCorporation features & applications

MyCorporation has two main goals: To help you form a new business, and to help you grow it. They offer an array of services to both of these effects, as detailed below. Keep in mind that some services are included in certain packages, while others are only available as add-on services (with an extra charge). 

MyCorporation helps you start a business by...

  • Providing a simple way to start a new company online
  • Making it easy to navigate complex state requirements
  • Matching legal and filing requirements in all US states
  • Providing business formation plans from just $99 + state fees
  • Giving you the choice of C-corp, S-corp, B-corp, LLC, nonprofit, etc.
  • Providing Articles of Incorporation and other key documents
  • Helping to obtain business licenses, permits, etc. 
  • Helping to find the perfect company name with a business name availability search 
  • Providing the choice of 4 business formation packages
  • Providing guidance on which business structure is right for your situation 
  • Much more 

MyCorporation helps you grow a business by…

  • Providing easy online tools to apply for trademarks and copyrights
  • Serving as your Registered Agent
  • Helping to file Annual Reports and other ongoing requirements
  • Helping to elect the right tax treatment (i.e. S-corp status)
  • Helping to draft and/or update an operating agreement
  • Tracking corporate minutes, bylaws, etc.
  • Online document storage and document filing
  • Keeping you on top of ongoing reporting and filing requirements 
  • Much more

Basically, MyCorporation can help with almost any legal, regulatory, licensing, filing, or reporting requirement your business may face. The company is a valuable partner for just about any small business in the United States. 

MyCorporation pricing & value

How much does MyCorporation cost, and is it worth it? You can expect to spend between $99 and $324 for a business formation package, depending on the plan level you choose. A variety of other services are available as well, priced separately. 

MyCorporation plan pricing

MyCorporation offers an array of services to help you form, run, and grow a business. There are four packages covering business formation, plus several options to add on additional services. Here’s a breakdown of pricing:

Basic Package - $99 + state fees

  • All the basic services you need to form a new business
  • Choice of LLC or corporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business name availability search
  • Compatible with all US states

Standard Package - $124 + state fees

  • All features of Basic plan + more
  • Annual Report service 
  • Includes Bylaws, corporate minutes, waivers + more

Deluxe Package - $224 + state fees

  • All features of Standard plan + more
  • Ongoing Registered Agent service 

Premium Package - $324 + state fees

  • All features of Deluxe plan + more
  • Ongoing compliance support with MaintainMyBiz services (see below)

MaintainMyBiz Package - $250/year

  • Ongoing subscription service to keep your business compliant with reporting requirements
  • 4 filings ever 12 months included
  • Help with filing initial/annual reports, S-corp election, amendments, membership certificates, stock certificates, and more
  • Help with corporate bylaws, operating agreements, DBAs, EINs, Certificate of Good Standing, and more
  • Help changing your business structure or selling your business

MyIncGuard Package - $79/year

  • Ongoing subscription service to remind you of reporting requirements
  • Helps keep you compliant by sending notifications to keep you on top of state, local and federal reporting requirements

In addition to these corporation and LLC formation packages, MyCorporation also offers an array of individually priced services. They can help with one-off reports, like Annual Reports, as well as intellectual property protections, like copyright and trademark applications. 

State fees

For all business formation plans, state fees are charged separately. This money is charged by MyCorporation, but the funds go to your state’s business licensing department. Fees vary substantially, depending on the state you’re incorporating in, and the business structure you choose. 

You can check the exact fee amount during the signup process for MyCorporation.com. Depending on your state, you can expect to pay $50 to $400+ on top of MyCorporation’s fees. 


Overall, MyCorporation offers excellent value for just about any small business owner or founder. Essentially, the service offers two things: Time savings, and increased accuracy. The service’s efficiency means that you’ll save a ton of time while registering your new business. And by ensuring accuracy, you can avoid future headaches (and expenses) in the future. 

The fact that MyCorporation offers so many different services and packages also adds value for small business owners. You can choose from a variety of formation packages to customize your approach. For ongoing services, you can choose to add individual services as-needed, or opt for the MaintainMyBiz package, which can save many businesses money. 

MyCorporation pricing is competitive compared to competing incorporation services, such as ZenBusiness, Incfile, LegalZoom, etc. Each service offers a slightly different service offering in their packages, so it’s wise to compare your options. 

MyCorporation customer support

MyCorporation offers great customer support from friendly and knowledgeable representatives. It’s easy to contact their support team via chat, email, or phone. All plans come with unlimited customer support, even if you just choose an initial formation package. 

Customer ratings for MyCorporation’s support are mostly positive in customer reviews on Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc.

If you have questions, you can either contact support, or browse an extensive FAQ section. There’s also an online learning resource library for business owners, which provides a lot of valuable information. 

Final thoughts 

MyCorporation is a great partner for your new business. It makes the initial registration or incorporation process as simple as possible, and helps you ensure that everything is done efficiently and accurately.

On an ongoing basis, MyCorporation also shines. It’s one of few services that can help with advanced services like trademark and copyright registration. And, it offers ongoing help with Annual Reports, a Registered Agent service, and much more. 

MyCorporation has served over a million businesses so far. Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and MyCorporation’s support team is unrivaled. 

Harvard Business Services Review – 2022

Harvard Business Services Review - 2022

If you’re starting a new corporation or LLC, there are substantial benefits to incorporating it in the state of Delaware. Delaware is widely considered the most business-friendly state in the United States, offering efficient business courts, business-friendly tax laws, and one of the quickest processes for registering new businesses. Best of all, the owner does not need to live in Delaware, so long as they elect a Delaware Registered Agent to manage correspondence for the company.

If you choose to go this route, it’s recommended to work with a Delaware incorporation service, like Harvard Business Services. Otherwise known as DelawareInc.com, this service makes it easy to register a new business in Delaware, all online. The full Harvard Business Services review below will go over all you need to know about this popular service.

Harvard Business Services review: At a glance

Harvard Business Services is an online provider of business registration and incorporation services. They aim to make it easy to register a company in the state of Delaware, regardless of where you live. Headquartered in Lewes, DE, Harvard Business Services serves clients from all over the US, and the world, and so far have helped form over 200,000 business entities.

With Harvard Business Services (HBS), you can start a new LLC or corporation in Delaware in a matter of hours. Everything is handled online, and you can have all your documents mailed or emailed to you in just a few business days. Prices start from just $179, which includes all Delaware state registration fees, making HBS a fantastic value.

Our full Harvard Business Services, Inc review below will go over every aspect of this company in greater detail.

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Who Harvard Business Services is best for

Harvard Business Services is best for business founders who want to take advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly regulations and tax laws. Delaware is well-known for having extremely business-friendly courts and laws, so much so that over 50% of publicly traded US companies are incorporated in Delaware. If you’d like to join the ranks of Delaware-based companies, HBS is perhaps the easiest way to do it.

With that said, HBS is only for registering business in Delaware. You don’t need to live in Delaware to take advantage - but you also can’t use this service to register a business in any other state. Competing services, like LegalZoom, ZenBusiness and Incfile all allow you to register a business in any state, while Harvard Business Services specializes solely in Delaware incorporations. 

Harvard Business Services features & services

Harvard Business Services specializes in forming new business entities in the state of Delaware. They keep things relatively simple and straightforward, opting to dial in their services to perfection, rather than trying to offer every possible combination of business services. They are helpful for both forming and growing a new business. Here’s how they help. 

Harvard Business Services helps you start a business by…

  • Making it easy to form a new business in Delaware
  • Giving you a choice of corporation or LLC business structure
  • Enabling business owners to take advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly rules
  • Forming your new business in just a few business days
  • Helping you prepare all the necessary forms and documents
  • Delivering your business documents electronically or via mail
  • Helping you find the right company name with a Business Name Availability Check
  • Serving as your business’ Registered Agent in Delaware
  • Providing templates and business forms
  • Offering expedited processing speed, for an additional fee
  • Offering stock certificates and membership certificates
  • Covering your purchase with lifetime customer support

Harvard Business Services helps you grow a business by…

  • Serving as your ongoing Registered Agent ($50/year agent fee)
  • Organizing a mail forwarding service
  • Providing Certificate of Good Standing, on request 
  • Providing ongoing access to digital copies of your articles of organization and other business documents online
  • Much more

Harvard Business Services keeps things relatively simple, focusing on the core services necessary for new Delaware formations and incorporations. They aim to be simple and efficient, just like the state of Delaware! That said, their upgraded packages, as well as some add-on services, expand functionality for business owners wanting more customized service. 

Harvard Business Services pricing & value

How much does Harvard Business Services cost, and is it worth it? HBS costs $179 to $329, depending on the package you choose. All plans include Delaware registration fees, and 1-year of Registered Agent services (continues at $50/year if not cancelled). Here’s a breakdown of Harvard Business Services costs.

Harvard Business Services plan pricing

There are three different packages from Harvard Business Services. The main differences are in processing speeds, and physical vs. digital delivery of documents. Keep in mind that these prices apply to applications from US residents. If you’re not a citizen of the United States, additional fees may apply to incorporate in Delaware.

Green Package - $179

  • Standard filing speed
  • Form an LLC or corporation in Delaware
  • Delaware registration fees included
  • Electronic delivery of your formation documents in 3-5 business days
  • Online process that’s quick and easy
  • Includes 1 year of Registered Agent service ($50/year after 1st year)
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Free coaching for business compliance

Basic Package - $229

  • Standard filing speed
  • All features of Green package
  • Hard copy of all documents delivered via mail in 4-6 business days
  • Operating agreement, bank resolution form, bylaws, etc.
  • Lifetime support

Standard Package - $329

  • Expedited filing speed
  • All features of Basic and Green package
  • Documents delivered within 3-5 business days via expedited mail service
  • Stock certificate and membership ledger
  • 10 stock certificates
  • Gold embossed binder with custom logo
  • Custom corporate seal embosser
  • Much more

State fees

State fees are included in Harvard Business Services’ pricing structure. You won’t be charged extra for Delaware state fees, as their formation packages are all-inclusive. This inclusion of state fees makes HBS one of the cheapest LLC formation service options out there. 


Harvard Business Services presents excellent value for small business owners. Their plans start from just $179, including everything you need to form a business in Delaware. Fees are one-time costs, although you may need to keep using them as your Registered Agent for $50/year. 

Significant value is added in the rapid processing times of Harvard Business Services. With HBS, you can be fully registered, with documents in hand, in a week or less. With an optional Same Day Processing add-on ($150 extra), you can get registered the same day or next-day, depending on the time of filing. In the business world, time is money - and Harvard Business Services gets you started as efficiently as possible. 

Harvard Business Services customer support

Harvard Business Services is known for having great customer support. They are available via online chat, email, Skype, and phone. Their reputation for good support is referenced in many positive customer reviews, in which clients report good experiences with the HBS support team.

Even though most packages from HBS are just one-time fees, they all come with lifetime support. It’s good to see a business standing behind their services, long after the customer has been billed for said services. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, Harvard Business Services is an excellent partner to choose for Delaware business formation services. They make it simple and efficient to form a new company in the great state of Delaware, and access all the benefits of doing business in the state. They’re one of the most affordable options in the industry, offering excellent value for customers. Plus, they back up all their offerings with a lifetime of customer support. 

HBS has earned excellent customer reviews, and great ratings from services like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have been forming Delaware LLCs and corporations for more than 30 years, and have helped form more than 200,000 new business entities in the state. Suffice it to say, they are a very experienced service provider that can take a lot of the complexity out of forming a new business in Delaware. 

BizFilings Review – 2022

BizFilings Review - 2022

When starting a new business, there are dozens of important steps you need to take. Perhaps the most important is getting your business registered and licensed with your state. Ensuring that this process is done accurately is essential to getting your business started in the right direction, and avoiding future issues.

Unfortunately, in many states, forming a new company (LLC, corporation, etc.) can be fairly complex. You’ll need to file many forms and documents, comply with all state and federal regulations, and in many cases, hire a Registered Agent to represent you. The good news is that there are many online services that can help make the process easier for you. One great option is BizFilings, an online LLC formation service. Our full BizFilings review will go over everything you need to know about this popular service.

BizFilings review: At a glance

BizFilings is an online service for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit founders. Essentially, it helps you start a new business entity, by working with your state’s business registration department (usually the Secretary of State). The entire process is handled online, via BizFilings’ intuitive platform.

With BizFilings, you can quickly, easily, and accurately form a new corporation, LLC, nonprofit corporation, or even a partnership. The service helps with all the initial paperwork, as well as extras like employer identification numbers (EIN), doing business as (DBA) names, and much more.

Plus, BizFilings offers ongoing services to help your business thrive in the long run. They can be your Registered Agent, help you with filing annual reports, assist in converting or amending your business, and much more.

In short, BizFilings aims to be a trusted partner for all of your business’ legal filing requirements. They offer a variety of business formation plans to choose from, with rates starting at just $99 + state fees. It’s compatible with requirements in all US states. Keep reading for our full BizFilings review.

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Who BizFilings is best for

BizFilings is best for entrepreneurs who want help getting their business formed efficiently and accurately. The service can help save you a lot of time and hassle, by helping you navigate the complex state and federal requirements for new businesses. 

BizFilings is also a great choice for charity and nonprofit founders. It’s one of just a handful of similar services to offer formation packages for nonprofits. 

Plus, BizFilings is useful on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for a service to partner with for years to come (with simple pricing and no required subscription fees), BizFilings is a great choice. 

BizFilings features & services

There are two main categories of BizFilings’ services: Tools to help with starting a business, and tools to help you grow or change your business. Here’s a breakdown of key offerings:

BizFilings helps you start your business by…

  • Providing an easy and efficient way to start a new business online
  • Giving you your choice of Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership, or corporation
  • Supplying an Incorporation Wizard tool to help you identify which business type is right for your situation
  • Helping you meet all state and federal requirements
  • Guiding you through the application process to ensure accuracy
  • Serving as your Registered Agent, where required
  • Helping you find the right company name with Business Name Availability Search
  • Providing choice of several formation packages to suit your needs
  • BizFilings also helps with the formation of new nonprofit entities

BizFilings helps you grow your business by…

  • Providing ongoing Registered Agent services
  • Helping you file Annual Reports each year
  • Keeping your business compliant with filing requirements with ongoing BizComply service
  • Helping to amend or change your business structure
  • Helping to obtain state tax IDs and federal tax IDs, such as employer identification numbers (EIN)
  • Performing business license and permit research 
  • Providing ongoing help with business filings
  • Helping you obtain Doing Business As (DBA) names for your company
  • Providing legal advice and recommendations for legal services
  • Helping you obtain various LLC and corporate forms, Certificate of Good Standing, and more
  • Helping you obtain Articles of Incorporation/Organization, and other key corporate forms
  • Providing a variety of other services and resources 

BizFilings can help with nearly any legal, filing, or registration need that your business may have. And often, if they don’t directly offer a service, they can help point you in the right direction. 

BizFilings pricing & value

How much does BizFilings cost, and is it worth it? Business formation packages range from $99 to $434 + state fees. Other services are available at an additional cost. 

BizFilings plan pricing

There are three business formation packages available from BizFilings. The main differences between them are features and processing service speed. Keep in mind that state fees are charged separately (see below), and vary by state. In some cases, such as with the Complete Package, BizFilings’ own fees will also vary, depending on the state you’re forming your business in. 

Basic Package - $99 + state filing fees

  • Standard filing speed
  • All basic business formation features
  • Business Name Check to find a company name
  • Filing of all required state documents
  • Ongoing compliance support with BizComply
  • Free registered agent service included for 6 months (renews $174/year)

Standard Package - $229 + state filing fees

  • Expedited filing speed
  • All features of Basic plan included
  • Sample LLC/corporation forms, like Operating Agreement
  • LLC or Corporation kit and custom seal
  • Includes 6 months registered agent service

Complete Package - $359-$434 + state filing fees

  • Expedited filing speed + overnight shipping
  • All features of Standard plan included
  • Compliance DVD
  • Certified Copies of state documents
  • State tax ID number, where necessary
  • Federal tax ID number (EIN) application included
  • 6 months registered agent service included

Additional services are available on an as-needed basis, and are priced separately. BizFilings has packages to suit any size business, from startup to corporate giant. 

State fees

Whenever you register a new business, you’ll need to pay various fees to the state you’re forming the business in. This is true regardless of whether you use a service, or file directly. When working with BizFilings, you’ll pay BizFilings’ fees (see above), in addition to state filing costs. 

State business registration fees vary significantly. The cost depends on the state you’re incorporating in, as well as the business structure (corporation, LLC, etc.) that you choose. As an example, state fees for LLC formation packages cost:

  • $160 in New York
  • $280 in Washington State
  • $79 in Florida

The state you file in also affects the turnaround time that you’ll receive. Some states process rapidly - in as little as a few business days - while others may take up to a month. 

Fortunately, during the checkout process, BizFilings will show you a preview of state filing fees, as well as expected processing times, in the state you’re filing in. 


BizFilings offers a lot of value for small business owners. It’s biggest benefit is that it can help save you a lot of time, giving you more freedom to focus on the core aspects of your business. 

Compared to similar incorporation services and business service providers, like ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, and Incfile, BizFilings’ pricing structure is competitive. Their Basic plan, at $99, is a solid value, but depending on your needs, one of the larger plans may be a better fit. 

Keep in mind that while BizFilings’ formation packages are just a one-time cost, there may be ongoing expenses for some services. Registered Agent service, for instance, costs $174/year after the initial free 6 month period. 

BizFilings customer support

BizFilings offers great customer service. BizFilings customer support agents are available via phone, online chat, and email. You’ll have access to support during your initial filing process, and also on an ongoing basis.

Looking at BizFilings customer reviews, you can see that many people have had positive experiences with their support staff. The company is well rated on TrustPilot, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has earned positive marks from a variety of industry professionals. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, BizFilings is a great service for entrepreneurs and business owners. The entire formation process is handled online, helping simplify an outdated state filing system. A variety of packages, at different price points, means that BizFilings offers a good option for all your business needs and budgetary restrictions.

It offers a good variety of services, but is specialized enough to be very proficient at its core offerings. For instance, it offers some add-on services, but unlike some competitors, BizFilings focuses on the core business formation services - and it performs these services with precision and efficiency. 

BizFilings’ competitive pricing, good marks from customers, and friendly support staff make it one of the best LLC formation services around. Plus, it’s unique support for partnership and nonprofit entities means that it’s genuinely useful for nearly any situation, regardless of business structure. 

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